LeiaPlayer 3 RH1 Support

Hi everyone,

The app description in the Leia Appstore for this version clearly states it’s not compatible with RED Hydrogen.

Our QA Team no longer tests our software on Hydrogen phones(as it’s unsupported), so I was the one who found the incompatibility and made sure we put the warning up before launch.

We will set something up to allow Hydrogen users to get the APK for LeiaPlayer 2.17 so you can continue to use that as long as you’d like.


Thank You very mouch😉, I have read that it is not compatible, but at that Time it was already too late. I don’t expect Leia to Support the Hydrogen to all eternity, I just accidentially installed it before reading.

Just one more Thing, Thank You for all Your effort in constantly making the Leia Eco system better and better, You all do a great Job Here!

Taking a Look at the Leia Player in my LumePad now, and it Looks gorgeous :smiley:!


I’ll second the thank you! Is it possible to disable automatic updates without disabling the Leialoft store? My apps from the Leialoft store seem to auto update even when rolled back to previous versions.


Unfortunately, we don’t control the OS software on the Hydrogen(RED did) which would control any automatic updates.

The team is still discussing our options and we’ll get back to you as soon as we come to a conclusion.

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Same here. I didn’t realize it auto updated. A previous apk would be swell

Edit: you guys beat me to sbs export :grin:

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For those of you who accidentally upgraded to 3.0 on Hydrogen, here is a link to an APK for LeiaPlayer 2.17:


Awesome, Thank You very mouch!

Same for me, the Viewer Updates itself No Matter what I do. Edit: even rolling back to the Red Player doesn’t help. The only Thing that seems to Work at the Moment is uninstalling the LeiaLoft Store, I hope it will be possible to deactivate Auto Updates in the LeiaLoft Store like on the Google Play Store in the Future.

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For me I can’t install the previous version cause I can’t uninstall the newer version. I can only “disable” it. perhaps releasing the older version with a different apk package name would help sidestep both issues (auto update and blocked installing on top of existing player)


In the app menu (settings > apps > see all > Leia player) I can uninstall updates by hitting the three dot menu in the top right and selecting uninstall updates.

Then I can install the 2.17 apk, after that I disabled the leialoft store to prevent the auto update. I’m looking for a better solution with adb permissions right now.


Disabling it uninstalls the Leia Player and rolls Back to the Red Player, which is Part of the Roms that shipped with the Phones originally, this also auto updates itself. A different Name could eventually Help, but let’s just have a little patience for now, I am pretty Sure the Leia Team will give us Instructions in how to prevent the Overwriting of the App, or maybe give us the Option to Set the Updates to manual Mode? Let’s wait and see, it would be pretty bad If None of These Options where possible though, I wanted to use my Red a little longer, and If no Solution to this is found we need to decide If we want to run Games and other Apps from the Leia Store, or use the Camera and view the Pictures afterwards.

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We will definitely have a solution for everyone. Please give us until Monday for the engineers to be back in the office.

Very sorry that users are experiencing this, but unfortunately, Hydrogen is not a Leia product, and we can’t control things like the device’s auto-update settings even if it’s pointed at a Leia service like the Appstore.

It looks like we’ll simply be removing LeiaPlayer from the Hydrogen Appstore so the devices can’t see the newer versions and attempt to update to it. If you see anyone on the internet asking about how to update LeiaPlayer in the future, please navigate them to here so they can get the APK for 2.17.


This would be great,
I am Happy to redirect every Hydrogen one user I come across to the Forums, since many of them don’t know about the great Eco system You are building here, at least that’s what I think based in the Comments I have read in recent YouTube Videos.

Many still Seem to think that the Technology has stopped after the end of production of the Hydrogen. Since I Love my LumePad and Hydrogen, and especially the Synergy of the two Devices I Always try to enhance their Knowledge about it.

Thank You for all Your effort, I really appreciate it, and I am Sure every other user of the Leia Eco system also does.


LeiaPlayer has been made invisible on the Leia Appstore on RED Hydrogen One. This was the only way to disable the auto-update functionality since we can’t alter the Hydrogen’s firmware and RED is no longer supporting the device with updates.

You can re-enable Leia Appstore on Hydrogen without issue.

If you see any Hydrogen user ask about updating their LeiaPlayer, please direct them to this link:


Awesome :+1: Thank You very mouch!!!

Thank you so much! I’ve got everything back up and running, its working great!

I’m reading this thread only now. I have to say that apparently neither my Hydrogen (Verizon) nor my daughter’s AT&T experienced auto update issues. For example I have notification of available update for Leiapix, but I didn’t update after noting that in my Lumepad there was no longer the 3D switch, and it doesn’t automatically updates (lucky). I’m curious about the possible reason :slight_smile:

Hi Johannes. Looks like I can get a used RH1 for a very good price unlocked. Would you still recommend this combo? I’m not satisfied with my Fuji W3’s resolution. Could it be used without SIM? Thanks for any insight.


Hello Pete, I still have this Combo Up and running, What do You mean by without Sim? It can operate without a Connection as a Camera and Viewer and Game Device If that’s what You are asking, no Clue about E-Sims If that’s what You are asking for.
WiFi would be beneficial though for App Updates, and You should keep in mind that there are no OS Updates, so I would avoid using Banking Apps and such.

For Photos and Videos it’s pretty great I think, but be aware that the camera ist mainly for closer Distances than the Fuji because of the smaller Lens Separation.


Sorry, I meant SIM card for the phone carrier. Does it need to be connected to a carrier to work or can it function with out?
Thanks for your update.

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