LeiaPlayer 3.0 Now Available!

Hey everyone, we’ve began to roll out LeiaPlayer 3.0 to the Leia Appstore.

There’s a bunch of new features, including:

  • An all-new File Browser experience
  • A huge performance upgrade
  • An all new View Mode switching experience
  • SBS Export option in Advanced Mode
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

As mentioned in the app description on Leia Appstore, this version and future versions are not compatible with RED Hydrogen One. We recommend Hydrogen users don’t update the app.

We have more awesome updates to LeiaPlayer coming in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for more awesome features coming to your Lume Pad!


And here is a link to the discussion post where the last compatible APK is hosted for those who accidentally upgraded to 3.0 on RED Hydrogen:



LeiaPlayer 3 was installed in my RH1 but seems to be working. Do you recommend I remove it or count my blessings?

Does LP3 include purchasing 3D pictures in Canada? I don’t see this as an option in version 3.

Hey @spencereric ,

If 3.0 works for you, more power to you. However, Hydrogen is totally unsupported by RED. We only offer the known-good 2.17 version of LeiaPlayer to Hydrogen users as a convenience.

Currently, you can only purchase LeiaPix Prints in the LeiaPix app in the United States. Hopefully we can expand the feature to LeiaPlayer and other countries in the future.



If it works for the Content You are watching You can use it, but Pictures bigger than 3840px won’t Work, and Videos hang up more often than not, just Something to be aware of. But on the LumePad it really shines :smiley:.


Thank you Johannes. That information helped me make a decision to role it back now.
FYI: on RH1

  1. Go into settings and apps then select Leia Player
  2. 3 dots on top right corner and select to remove updates and revert back to factory install (Red Player)
  3. Go to link provided by Leia and easily install Leia Player 2.17
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@Nima In the past days I have copied several pictures thru the “nearby share” option from the mobile phone to the Lume pad, following suggestion of the support (before I had tried a transfer connecting both Lumepad and phone to the laptop via USB, but while Windows suggests to have performed the copying operation, nothing appears in Lumepad; support indicated that this direct procedure should not work on android devices, unless copying before on the computer). Apparently, however, after the sharing procedure, the creation and modification dates of files appear the one of file transfer (let’s say yesterday even for pictures taken years ago), and Leiaplayer sorts only using those dates, unless I am missing something. Actually in metadata, information like the date the picture are taken appear to be still there (hence for example google photo correctly sort pictures). Am I doing something wrong, or it is simply a feature still to be implemented?
I would add that a nice future feature would be for Leiaplayer to open directly pictures from cloud too (e.g. from Google Photo cloud), since generally pictures on mobile devices are synced with cloud.