LeiaPix doesn't exist on my Lume!

When I open LeipaPix inmediately LeiaLoft pop ups and say “App not found”.
Also I can’t find it on LeiaLoft to download.

Hey @Kano3D, we’re not noticing anything weird on our side. The LeiaLoft team has taken a look and everything looks normal.

Can you reach out to help@leiainc.com with some info including your firmware version and/or screenshots so we can get you taken care of?

But the App should be on LeiaLoft, isn’t it?

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E-mail sent, hope it can help to solve the problem

The app appears on LeiaLoft both when we check on device and on our backend. I’m sure Leia Support will be able to help!

You van try 2 things

Go to app settings and clear cache and data, try again.

Other you can try, go to app settings and remove update under 3point menu right above corner.
Try again and update app

Hope that help for you

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That second thing helped: appeared LeiaPix on LeiaLoft and installed… (2 times). Now is working!

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youre welcome :wink: