This is a space for the original Lumepad, problems and things you would like

23/5/2023 LeiaPix not loading some content, get thumb nail, tap on it and it opens to a loading circle only, the pictures do not open.
Is any one else having the same problem.
Today 24/05/2023 still getting some content will not load.
Can some give an update on what is being done to resolve the problem

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Hi @Rburley!
Jumping in here to help. Checking to make sure everything fine on our end. Could you in the meantime restart your Lume Pad and make sure the app is updated in the meantime? Also, confirming this is Lume Pad 2.

Thank you!


Hi thanks for your response, this problem is only happenings on the original Lumepad.
The app is up to date on the original Lumepad.
It has been restated and app LeiaPix memory cleaned.
But still the same problems
The new device does not have this problem.
Please help

Got it! Thanks for clarifying this is not a Lume Pad 2 issue @Rburley. I also found there the app up and running on on Lume Pad 2. :smiling_face:

Roger, If you could please email and describe the issue, our technical support team will do the best they can to help get it sorted.

Kind regards,


Thanks for your interest.
I did contact them.
I have but not had an update.
Other people with the original Lumepad also have this problem.
This has been a problem for some time. I wish some would give us an update

Really hope the moonlight 3d streaming is going to work on original lume pad. Been waiting for this since lume pad 1 launched. I don’t got the money for lume pad 2


Hey all,
I have a lumepad (1) and I really love Asfalt and some other games. I tried some Citra games but the performance is not ideal.

I would like to buy some more gameloft games, anyone in the know of other good games that will come to lumepad 1 or are availble right now outside of the games in the leia store?

I would even pay full price if the game is good Like Asfalt Nitro 2

Please someone? I am dying for some suggestions.

Hi I do not play any games, I use the Lumepad 1 to take 3d pictures and watch 3d YouTube videos

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Thanks for the response. Yeah, I play a lot of games. A solution would be more native 3D games from the Leia store but nothing new comes out for the store (at least for lumepad1) another would be moonlight, I would gladly pay for a streaming solution of my SuperDepth 3D content ( i have a lot of games via reshade’s Depth3D)

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What games do you recommend with SuperDepth? I loaded up one of the few steam games I have (Force Unleashed) and it doesn’t display full screen in the first place. There are black bars on both sides of the game. So even if I got it to display SBS with the tutorial above, if the image doesn’t completely fit the screen left to right, it won’t display properly in 3D using Moonlight. Is there any way to make games like that full width so they fit the screen?

I’ve had no issue with the “Perfect” games on the ReShade compatibility list.

Do you switch the main display being mirrored to 2560x1600? Do you have that same resolution set within Moonight3D? Do you have Full Screen checked within the game’s settings?

Ultimately, this is a game configuration issue, it has effectively nothing to do with the 3D pipeline. If a game has hardcoded wide ratio cutscenes with black bars, there’s no way to fix that.