Original Lumepad, Leia please can you give an update on why some pictures not opening from preview in LeiaPix

I have reported this several times but no response.

I have an original Lumepad and in LeiaPix, you get all the preview pictures, but tap on some preview pictures and the picture does not open you just get a loading circle.

This happens with some pictures.
Today I looked at pictures in Newest, one user had posted four pictures, three opened ok but one would not load, just got a loading circle.

This happens with other users uploaded pictures.
Other people are also getting this problem.

It is very frustrating and has been going on a long time.

Is this a LeiaPix problem on the original Lumepad or a server / network problem.

What is being done to resolve this problem.
Please can some please give me an update.
Please advise
To day 9/6/2023 several pictures wouldn’t show from Nima Zeighami, all preview pictures are seen, for example Mini-golf, preview seen but tap on preview just get loading circle
So frustrating please can some give an update

Thanks support for responding, I will wait for an upade

I have just checked all the picture that did not open they now open, is this something Leia did or something else

Checked to day 10 June photo’s all are still operating.
Thanks Leia if you fixed the problem

Still all good all pictures opening from preview, I hope this problem is now fixed.
I checked back through old posts they also open.
I will keep checking, so far so good
12 June 2023

Yeah same problem here

It all seems to be working for me now.
If you are having problems still please connect support and give them all the details

18 /6/2023 problem with some pictures from T J Smith not opening, get preview pictures, tap on it just get loading circle.

Checked again later today in the LeiaPix tab newest, some other users pictures would not open from preview tab, just getting loading circle.
Plus the ones that would not open first thing this morning still would not open

19/6/2023 Still some pictures will not open from preview
Any update please Leia

Hi everyone … I am having the same issue with some photos not being able to be displayed after you click on the thumbnail.

I did some investigative work with one of my photos that couldn’t be seen by other users and l noticed that the filename of my photo was extremely long and it also contained symbols and characters. I then deleted my post, renamed the file to something sort (making sure l had no characters or symbols) in the filename and then l reposted the photo in LeiaPix. This seemed to do the trick!

The reposted photo is now viewable by other users! Don’t know if l have solved this issue but perhaps ensuring the photo you are posting has a short filename with no characters or symbols, is the solution to this problem??

Also, perhaps this is the same issue that is impacting those of us experiencing some photos in LeiaPix on the Lume pad 2/Nubia Pad 3D coming up in very low resolution. Perhaps renaming file to a short/shorter name with no symbols and characters is the solution there too.

Leia, could you please advise further if we have solved the puzzle as to why pics aren’t opening in LeiaPix and why some photos displaying in low resolution … Is it to do with the file naming?

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Thanks for the post hope Leia see the post

I am still having problem with the low resolution on some photos in Nubia pad 3d … So it may not have solved just that particular issue …

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OK but you did get a picture to load that would not load before, when you renamed and reposted.
Good work hope Leia try that

21/6/2023 Still getting pictures not opening from preview

Original Lume pad is being abandoned. Pretty upset about it. I’ve waited since original lume pad first launch for 3d game streaming from PC they promised and it looks like it’s only coming to the new one. I don’t have that kind of money for it

I do not feel the original Lumepad is beeing abandoned, I have talked to support and they are always helpful in supporting the original Lumepad.
The original Lumepad is great and I will never sell it.
It has so many great features and it is so useful.
Leia should be proud of their achievement in the original Lumepad and should continue to support the original Lumepad.

I agree. I find myself still using the original Lume pad (which l absolutely love!!) more than the Nubia Pad 3D simply because l love the photo editing tools on the original Lume pad (e.g. brightness, contrast and saturation) , which l use almost always to enhance my photos and which sadly l thought would be available in LeiaPlayer on the new tablet but not available … and l am having issues with the Nubia Pad 3D with some photos displaying in low resolution which is beyond frustrating!

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They said on Twitter they will not be doing anything with it anymore all focus is on lume pad 2

Thanks for the response, I do not use social media as it does so much damage and the companies do not do anything to provent harm or protect the vulnerable.
As for the original Lumepad I can see they may not do any more developments, but hopefully they will continue to support the original Lumepad and it’s apps and resolve any issues