RLL Updates 1/29/19

Hey Everyone! Happy Update Day :smiley:

We have updates available for Holopix, Holochat, and REDPlayer

Holochat v1.5.3:

  • Fixed issue when launching the application through the recent apps list after a holochat call

RED Player v1.0.2


  • Fully functional cropping H4V Images support


  • 2D photos in Messages+ app failed to display
  • selecting ‘Open with’ option from Slack to view 2D/H4V photos failed to display
  • Cancelling ‘Save As’ in H4V photo edit mode would exit edit mode and lose all edits.
  • Saving to H4V photo would not correctly save all edit combinations.
  • Saving an edited photo without a file extension would cause a crash
  • Some files from external SDCard would fail to display
  • Some photo dimensions cause a line to appear on edge of display
  • Original image would not be displayed after ‘Save As’ is performed

Holopix 1.9.19

  • Improved support for non-standard aspect ratios
  • fixed a login bug affecting new Users.