Holopix 1.18.19 Beta

Rolling out a Beta for a Hotfix we’re doing to correct a bug that occurs when using RED Player Beta, and a few other minor fixes.

Hold strong, after this the major version 1.19 will be coming in hot!


Can’t wait @Nima!!!

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I think the new H4V mark of last beta could be smaller, also thumbnails bigger (or a switch on top to choose size of thumbnails)

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Hey @Kano3D that’s RED Player, not Holopix.


Oops. My mistake

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When will come the Holopix 1.19 out ?


Sorry for the delay on 1.19 everyone. We ran into a really, really large snag with 1.19’s flagship feature. It required us to refactor a bunch of the application to make it work consistently in a stable way. The bad news is that it’s taking a loooong time, and the team has been working around the clock to make it happen. The good news is twofold: firstly, the refactoring has made the app notably faster in pretty much every screen(except Notifications and Upload). The other good news is we’re almost done!

Me and our Computer Vision team have also been working on two other really large features/releases for Holopix in parallel. Lots of good stuff coming soon! Thanks for being patient.


Sounds good.
A brief update on something is at least an informative update people like,
Compleet silence and keeping People in the dark nobody likes.

Maybe somebody from Leia can give an update also about OS update, changes to Leia player with settings etc… ?

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We have a finite amount of time, spending our time giving updates gives us less time to just get things done and get you updates and new features faster.

OS updates for the RED Hydrogen One are not managed by Leia and thus we know just as much as you do. It doesn’t seem that there will be anymore OS updates but I’m just judging that based on radio silence on H4VUser.

I don’t manage LeiaPlayer. If you’d like updates on that please ask @john.friday in the relevant channel.


When Does come the big holopix update?

We originally were going to release a very, very large Holopix 2.0 update, but after we had issues and delays releasing the large 1.19, we decided to break up 2.0 into multiple releases that are targeted to release about a month apart.

The first of the releases should be available before the end of the month.


That’s good to hear Nima!
Hopefully staying safe is a priority and development for updates comes after that.