Holopix 1.13.6 Beta

The Holopix Team has some incredible new features we’ve been promising. I know you’ve been waiting for this for a while, and we thank you for your patience.

  • Tapping on Hashtags in captions now jumps to the Hashtag’s feed
  • You can now Mention Users in captions and comments by using “@“ followed by their name

Please only use Mentions for people on the Leia team, RED team, and other Beta Users until this Tuesday. Once everyone gets access to it, please feel free to mention everyone.

We’ve got even more exciting updates in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for helping us test these awesome new features out. Hope y’all start to Mention me in Holopix :wink:


Hi Nima,

Despite having uninstalled and reinstalled the app and opting back in to the beta, I don’t seem to have any of these features available. The tap through hashtags haven’t worked for me as long as they’ve been around. Any ideas as to how I can fix this?

Edit: wrote the first draft moments after waking up and left out how exciting seeing these new features come to life amongst the community will be!

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Hi Arturo,

When you check your app version, are you on 1.13.6? If not, then you will not have access to these features.

Opting-in to the Beta does not change your app to being the Beta version. It makes you eligible for Beta releases that you will be prompted to download through the app.

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The write up is a bit lengthy so I’ll send privately.

Hi Nima,

I didn’t get any beta anymore since a few builds, too, although I got them for older builds in the past. Opted in on four devices, one of them even factory-resetted a few days ago and immediately opted in without installing anything else, but no prompts for updates.
The only difference I see on my side is the usual H1 updates and maybe the fact that at that time before, when I still received the betas, I had only one device enrolled.


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And right now, all devices installed the update :partying_face:
(but not as ‘beta’, got the same version on the not enrolled device)

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And now… going up to 1.13.7… okay… :drum:

Hi @alexzeder.

I hope you like the new version!

If you have issues with the future Beta versions, please let me know.

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Every new version so far was a ++ :+1: