Holopix 1.15.43 Beta

Here it is everyone. The final Beta for Holopix 1.15 is finally starting to roll out to all of you.

I could tell you all about it, but where would the fun in that be?

Try to find the new features on your own, and as always let us know if you run into any issues. Have a great weekend!

Edit: As per @Casey-Green’s suggestion, now that you’ve had enough time to explore and have fun, here’s the features list for posterity:

  • New bottom navigation

  • New Notification experience

  • Improved Trending Feed algorithm

  • Load More button

  • New backend server technology

  • New client app technology

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


I don’t get it. :thinking:

Yes, this statement is meant to be confusing! :crazy_face:

I mean, it probably hasn’t rolled out that far yet.
I could get it in a little bit.

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Had to re-opt-in to the beta to get it, even on the devices that I previously registered for the beta.

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Thought you might be right Alex, but I left it for a couple more hours and the update pushed by itself.
Had a chance to sleep :smiley:

Time to try and break it while treasure-hunting for the new features!!!

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It was a surprise because I didn’t have to opt out first before being able to re-opt-in, but settings were showing up as if I’d never opted in before. On three devices, so I’m a little bit confident that it’s not a user memory error this time :slight_smile:

Well, treasure hunting stopped for me after being caught in kind of a meta page :smiley:


I like the xxxx-effect when xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx!

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:rofl: That effect is really a great one! Was begging for this feature for sooo looong!


Well I think I’m just going to cheat and read the new What’s new log in Holopix. :wink:

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Then you are fresh outta luck if you expect a cheat-sheet from the change log… :crazy_face:

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Please add a feature / bug fix list here for this version.

@Nima, I’m not getting notifications with this beta version. Plenty of likes and a few comments but no notifications. Notifications are enabled in settings.

Edit: I do get the upload confirmation, but not for likes or comments.

Edit 2: Rebooted phone and cleared cache and data. Subsequently received a like but no notification

Edit 3: The latest beta 1.15.45 fixed the notification issue