Holopix 2.1 Beta

The next version of Holopix is now in Beta!

Holopix 2.1 has a ton of new features, including:

  • Discover 2.0: The Discover page has been totally revamped with a new design with Featured Content and Hashtags. Search has also been updated to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.
  • Home Feed Update: The Holopix algorithm has been totally revamped to surface the content you want to see, while always keeping it fresh.
  • Linear Feed: We’re adding a new Home Feed view for Hydrogen users in portrait orientation: the Linear Feed. Switch back and forth using the button at the top right of the Home Feed.
  • Lume Pad Support: This new version of Holopix is totally compatible with Lume Pad! Lume Pad was developed with Holopix in mind.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

The Beta is rolling out now to Holopix users who are signed up for Beta. If you’re not, go to the Settings menu by tapping the Gear icon on your Profile page and Opt-In to Beta!

Let me know what you think of Discover and the updated Home Feed. And as always, let us know if you find any bugs!


Hi Nima, thanks for this new version, here are my first impressions from the first 30 minutes or so…

I like the new UI, to me it looks cleaner and makes better use of the screen real estate especially in Discover, and feels more fluent overall.
There are quite some crashes, although not repro.


  1. The rounded corners pictures here look friendlier but are now inconsistent with the other views where pictures are still squares without gaps between them.
  2. The Search box is easier to find and use now, with users and tags combined. There might be occasions when I’ll miss the dedicated search for either user or tag, separated … but probably not :slightly_smiling_face:
    An alternative could be some kind of an Advanced Search, expanding on the normal Search. Or use special syntax for this purpose, for example “user:fred flint”, “tag:dog”, “like:1”, like:>10", also combined: “user:fred flint tag:dino” etc.

Linear Feed:

  1. When switching to Linear, keep the position of the current picture in the list, don’t jump to the first one if I already scrolled down before.
  2. Make it available in all views, Top 100, Newest, Tagged etc.
  3. Add the spin-me icon on landscape pictures and/or shrink landscape pictures a little bit. Shrinking would maybe ruin the optical consistency that we have with the all-square pictures list, but would reveal more of the sides of the picture and give an unobtrusive hint that it might be worth turning the phone for this picture.
  4. Different colors for “Write a comment” and “View comment” (i.e. make “View comment” more prominent) makes it easier to spot the pictures that have comments.
  5. Add the number of existing comments: “View ## comments”. It’s often very interesting to check it out when a picture has lots of comments.
  6. The mild snapping to the next picture while scrolling is helpful, but with a quick accelerated scroll it produces some stutter especially at the end when it slows down before it stops (even though all these pictures are already cached locally from previous viewing).
  7. Fix the “Got It” bug: “Linear Feed Mode can be only used in portrait orientation - OK, GOT IT” - it’s already in capitals, so yes, I really GOT IT !! but it pops up every time I turn to landscape and I feel a lilbit being ignored already. Just silently switch views after the first GOT IT for the rest of my life or til the next major update :wink:
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  1. The rounded corners pictures here look friendlier but are now inconsistent with the other views where pictures are still squares without gaps between them.

The thought here is that they SHOULD look different. These are buttons that take you to pages of pictures, not thumbnails of pictures themselves.

Thanks for all your feedback, we’ll take it into consideration.


Okay, thanks for explaining, the difference was too subtle for me because both perform some button-ish action when tapping it.

Need to add that I haven’t had any crashes since I cleared cache & data :+1:


Holopix 2.1 Beta 2 just went live with new fixes. Thanks for your feedback everyone!


Holopix 2.1 Beta 3 is now live with additional bug fixes. You know what to do!


Holopix 2.1 Beta 4 is a go. Just a fix for a rare bug affecting Lume Pad. For those of you who already have a Lume Pad, let us know what you find! For the rest of you…make sure we didn’t break anything else :joy:


The last update I installed today makes my holopix crash a lot, every 2min it crashed, closes and i need to restart it. :rage::rage:

I’ve been on the latest beta since last night and have not had any crashes yet. Maybe you need to clear the cache or data?

Hey @Chillerfpv are you still having issues? Have you cleared your data and cache?

Restarted phone and cleared cache several times, now i don’t get crashes anymore for now