Holopix 2.0 Beta

Holopix is turning 2. The initial version of Holopix started life at Leia in May 2018. Now, on the eve of it’s second anniversary, we bring you the first of our Holopix 2 releases, Version 2.0.

There’s a lot of changes in this version, and there are even more coming. We hope to bring you Holopix 2.1 and 2.2 in the next few months and while they’re a bit smaller than 2.0, we’re sure the features are so major they’ll blow you away.

Now dig into 2.0 and let us know what you think! Make sure to Opt-In to Beta if you haven’t already, as the rollout begins…right…now!


Similar look as previous version
Center icon on bottom is changed, start logo changed
Top name has different letter style

But strangely the pics looks like are sorted as “featured” check followers and check newest pics is gone.

As I know the top pics are “featured” as the are longer ago posted

EDIT ; it seems the newest pics you can see when you go to search then it’s given top100 and newest.
I prefer the “newest” pics as main screen and “featured” in search screen.

EDIT : it seems main page is not “featured” but from “followers”
Also Holopix don’t allow always multi page tasking between apps/pages as it closes completely sometimes.

I prefer to see on main page the newest posts

And it seems to load the gallery view really fast, nice.
But when tapping on a picture it needs time to load, that’s slower then it normally loaded.

New option to block a person didn’t try it yet lol

You should log out and see the new Login screen, it’s beautiful. Also, the Splash Screen when you open the app is great too.

The new Holopix Home Feed is a mix between content from people you’re following(which is prioritized) and content that’s trending. Long term, it will begin to be even more custom to you, surfacing content that the algorithm learns that you like, for example if you like more pictures of dogs Holopix will show you pictures of dogs.

There is no difference between how content is being loaded in Theater Mode, so any differences are placebo or due to your specific network conditions.

There are a few other minor new features too that you might find. There is so much new stuff we didn’t have room to mention it all. And there will be at least one more new one that will come in the release version that isn’t in Beta, which will be a totally updated Tutorial.


i hope you keep it,
otherwise people only get to see what you most looked at, and maybe in new posted pics is also something beautiful you wanna see and give it a like, but don’t show anymore as the algorithm doesn’t show you?

just my 2cents,
i like to look at what’s new posted, even it’s not the main things i look at, and people tag the picture different everytime with hashtags, so removing newly posted would be a bad thing considering these things.

i just got a new posted pic on the “new posts” under discovery of a 3d printer, and i didn’t see it in my Home Feed, but still i liked it as technology and so i liked it, and it doesn’t have hashtags
Just to give you an example. if you remove the “new posted” feed i never saw it.

Hope you understand what i am trying to explain.

It was working previously, but now tapping on an image in Newest category does not bring up the photo in full screen. However, it works in Top 100.

Edit: Other categories on the Discover page work fine. For the Newest category when tapping on a an image, the screen flashes for a split second like the app is trying to display the image in fullscreen. I tried clearing all cache and data in case of some corruption on my H1.

Happy Birthday!!! :birthday:


@Nima one other observation, horizontal scrolling on the categories on the Discover page is difficult at times if your swiping is off just a bit. This appears to be caused by an overly sensitive pull-to-refresh action. Is it possible to tune the pull-to-refresh swipe so there’s more leeway for horizontal swipes?


Your algorithm doesn’t work good, pictures stay the same since yesterday,
While in “new posts” I see very nice NEW pics.
I am more in “new posts” as the feature algorithm I never used as those pics stay always the same, even in previous version, never used that.

So don’t remove “new posts” , when you do it’s done for me and my girl, sell the phones as Leia Player is not up to par, still use older red player and of holopix is now going to get good things removed, it’s done for us,
Get rid of the paperweights and go to a brand that does at least os updates and don’t remove good things in apps, getting tired of it that good things get remove and worse thing implemented.

Never buy a Red product again or never even a Leia product. It’s going worse instead of better.
We are just fucked over with these phones.

Well, that makes sense, since we haven’t changed the algorithm yet. I just wanted to let you know why the changes were being made, so that we can build a foundation for those changes in the future.

We’ll be sorry to see you go, I hope you find a product that fits your needs better!

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If the updates are not being user friendly in the future and not make the apps worse with removing good things,
Then I leave the outdated phone

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You’re totally right. I complained about this when I first joined, and engineers spent a lot of time trying to fix it. The problem is that Android manages touch intent itself, so we don’t have great control of this system. I don’t want to make it complicated, but it’s a problem that’s out of our hands.

Instead we’re totally revamping the Discover page in a coming update, and it will blow you away. It’ll be the biggest modernization of the app thus far.


I hear you. I prefer iOS development over Android any day of the week.

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And now it’s doesn’t work, me and my girl get this

I really like the new look and feel!

New version issues like with new posts not showing when clicked I’m sure will get fixed before long.

It would be nice to keep newest posts or some easy way to see all content. I realize that will get more challenging as the volume increases but it’s nice to get an unfiltered view of what people are posting. I like pictures for all kinds of reasons other than just the quality of the picture: to encourage new posters, because it speaks to the moment, because of the sentiment. Not sure how an algorithm would get all that. Perhaps a way to toggle custom content on/off?

It continues to be interesting to see how this evolves!


That’s good feedback. I’ve taken that issue into consideration when discussing the Holopix Home Feed Algorithm with the team. New content will be shown to a variety of users, but if users don’t like it, we won’t keep showing it in the Home Feed. For example, if we show a Post to 30 people and none of them liked it, we can assume others don’t want to see it.

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This concept of showing ‘great’ content is definitely a big improvement in my opinion. But still, I prefer to have a way to see everything, no matter how bad or unpopular it might appear. Maybe it’s a photo of a place I know well and I might like it just because of this, even when it’s ugly and no one else likes it.

To be clear, I like this new unified view a lot but I also want to have the option to get back to the (now more or less hidden) ‘Newest’ view that shows me everything that anyone posted now and in the past. Not just a AI selected album of previously liked or common taste pictures. There’s a reason I don’t live in an apartment in Disneyland… :slight_smile:



I had to revert back to the release version due to not being able to tap and bring up new images in full-screen from the Newest category. I’ve cleared both cache and data numerous times and rebooted the phone to no avail. Same thing occurs on both my Ti and Al. I haven’t heard if anyone else is having the same problem or not. Is it just me or have you heard others having the same problem?

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This works for me, both when first entering the Newest list and opening a pic there, and when tapping a pic in the Search list before entering Newest.