Holopix Open Beta

So, some of you may have heard some chatter about the new Open Beta for Holopix. For those that took part in our Holopix User Survey, you received an email with instructions on how to Opt-in.

For those that didn’t, I’m posting it here in case you’re interested in partaking:

We just rolled out Holopix 1.8.22, which includes, for the first time, the Holopix Open Beta.

The Open Beta will be a little less stable than the release versions, and you may encounter some bugs from time to time, but in return you get access to upcoming Holopix features early, while helping us make Holopix the best app it can be.

Here’s how you sign up for the Beta:

  1. Go to your Profile in Holopix
  2. Tap the Gear icon
  3. Under “Advanced”, tap “Holopix Beta”
  4. Read the prompt, and tap “OPT-IN”

That’s It! If it’s available, you’ll be prompted to install the Holopix Beta immediately. If not, you will receive a push notification when a Beta build goes live.

To revert to the release version of Holopix, all you have to do is delete Holopix Beta from your device, and download Holopix from RED LeiaLoft.

With your help, Holopix is going to get better, faster. Thanks for joining us on this journey.


Excited to be a part of it, @Nima! Is there anything specific to look out for in this new build? As I mentioned in a post on H4Vuser, shortly after installing the Beta build, I posted a vertical photo and then deleted it immediately after for the sake of testing, which resulted in the lingering black post shown in this screenshot:

I should note that Ellie viewed my profile through their Hydrogen One and their Beta build of Holopix and did not see the black post that lingers on my end of Holopix upon refreshing and refreshing.

Not with a Portrait oriented photo, but with a regular one. I had that issue with previous versions, I think I filed some feedback about it.
I still have that issue but I attribute it to connectivity issues…?
NB currently on beta 1.8.24


Portrait! I must’ve spent 15 minutes thinking about what the terminology was and ended up on vertical for sake of just writing it. Don’t know how it didn’t come to me.

This came to mind as it only went away after I accidentally enabled Airplane mode on the phone, disabled it, and revisited Holopix.

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Nope! We just wanted to get you guys something so you’re comfortable with how the Beta process works. That build is almost exactly like the build we just released. It won’t be like that for long :wink:

That is a known issue. The fix is in the pipeline. No promises on


Cant wait until we see the new features rolled out! Thanks @Nima!