Holopix 1.19 Beta

The time has finally come!

The new Holopix is here and ready to blow you all away.

This new version has:

  • Offline Mode: Now you can queue up uploads to Holopix even when you don’t have an internet connection! Great for when you’re hiking or otherwise disconnected. It’ll also let you keep your own photos, bookmarks, and notifications cached so you’ll always have Holopix to show people even if reception isn’t great. NOTE: You’ll need to go to those pages and let Holopix download them at least once before Offline Mode is populated with your content.
  • Comments: New Comments View! Now you can finally see commenter’s names right from the comments! You can also tap on a comment to get the new Reply Button, which auto-populates a mention for you in the text box.
  • Upload Queue: An updated Upload Queue that let’s you see all the images you have queued up to be uploaded to Holopix and their upload progress. This also gives you an opportunity to cancel an upload before it begins.
  • Batched Notifications: An all new, less intrusive way that Notifications are batched for you automatically! With rate limits and smart updates so you’re not spammed with notifications one after another if you have a lot of interaction on your image in quick succession.

Thank you all for your patience on this release! We’re going to be rolling this update out to everyone hot on the heels of Beta, so please let us know if you find anything we missed.

We know things must be hard for you and your loved ones during this time, so we at Leia are working as hard as we can while social distancing to try to give you something to smile about and share with those around you. From everyone at Leia, thanks for being fans and pioneers of Lightfield technology, and please stay safe!


Excited for offline mode and the batched notifications :slight_smile:

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Tap to reply is a great addition!

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Thanks for these awesome features!
Love the Tap to Reply and Commenter’s names
The Offline feature is soooo useful in areas with no internet access! Been waiting on that for a while :slight_smile:

Stay safe and stay strong!



It seems in the beta player (1.19.8607), I can’t scroll beyond my December photos. Has anyone else encounter this? I’ll try deleting the cache.

Edit: nope, I can’t scroll beyond a certain point in my collection. I just get a busy spinner.

Edit 2: only 101 photos display. The 102nd photo is a busy spinner.

Same 101 here. And with the old version, I get more than 101 pics but the sequence of the last 30 uploads just repeats over and over again.
(cleared cache/data already)

How can I download the 1.19 beta

Go to setting In Holopix and opt-in for beta.
You get update notification when you startup holopix of beta version release to update.

We found a new crash related to Offline Mode. We’re rolling out a new Beta now that should fix it.

Almost ready to release it to everyone!


Yup! Fixes the 101 image problem. Thanks!

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I didn’t experience the crash, but thank you for catching that!!! :+1:

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New Beta should be coming next week!