Holopix 1.17.05 Beta

Hey everyone, we’ve got a new version of Holopix coming your way. Holopix Version 1.17 has a few cool features and a ton of small fixes.

  • There’s a new Post Upload system, with in-app progress bars. You can see this on your profile tab after you upload something. This is especially useful to help you track upload progress while you’re on a weak internet connection, and the new system doesn’t clog up your Notification Center!

  • There’s a new Notification Batching experience, reducing clutter in your Notification system. This will update pre-existing notifications to group them instead of flooding you with new ones. This will also limit how many dings per minute you get from your notifications, instead of before where popular posts would ding constantly.

  • A bunch of tiny bug fixes and stability improvements. Holopix is shaping up to be a super-stable, snappy app!

We’ve got a lot of long-term projects we’re working on in the background, hopefully you all are as excited as we are to share them with the most loyal Leia users and coming soon, the rest of the world :wink:



This version of Holopix crashes when I try to change the folder from Camera to Pictures/Edited. Edited is a folder I created under Pictures. I’ve cleared the cache and data but still experience the crash.

Edit: If I edit and save a photo from the Camera folder to Pictures, I’m able to navigate and upload the photo in Holopix. But if I save from the Camera folder to Edited under Pictures then Holopix crashes when I navigate to the Edited folder.

Edit 2: Uploading from any folder in Red Player is a workaround.

Edit 3: Fixed in 1.17.06


Hey Nima,

The update just pushed to my devices.
I will be testing the new upload system soon!!!

Holy cannoli! can’t wait!!!

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Sorry I didn’t reply sooner @Stuart_Fujitani, I sent it to the team immediately and we were able to get that hot fix out before the end of the day, thankfully!

@greg if only I could tell you all the wonderful things now :sob: But you will all have to trust me, we’re in this together, the wait will be WELL worth it, and your patience will be rewarded!


Np, @Nima. I know you guys are on it. I can’t wait to see what you guys are cooking up.

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Nice update


I don’t use the beta, but Holopix doesn’t allow to upload JPG images if .JPG extension is in capital letters (image.jpg is accepted, image.JPG is not accepted)


Thanks so much for calling this out @Kano3D! The team is on it.


Oh, wow!
Nice catch @Kano3D :+1:

I least use lowercase, but good to know.

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