Holopix 2.0

Hello Leia Users! We hope you’re having a great summer!

We’d like to let you know that Holopix 2.0 is now available through LeiaLoft.

Holopix 2.0 has a ton of new stuff packed into it, including a new login experience, new splash screen(no more red sunglasses :wink: ), and the Holopix Home Screen got a fresh coat of paint. We’ve also updated the Theater Mode view, and, you now have the ability to block users content you don’t want to see.

The team put months of hard work into it, so we hope you download it and step into the future with us! It’s the first of a series of “Holopix 2” releases, so keep your eyes peeled for 2.1, 2.2., and 2.3 coming in the next few months!

Make sure to keep taking and posting your photos, because Leia’s annual summer photo contest, Summerpix, is coming soon. :sunglasses:


I don’t want to update because labels occupy more space of image in both portrait and landscape mode. In portrait is a minimal difference (but being worse anyway), but in landscape mode is crazy. Also to scroll recent category is a hell.
I didn’t find any advantage but lots of disadvantages, all usability problems.

Hey David,

Once again, thanks for your feedback. As I’ve mentioned to you in our messages in the past, your feedback has been heard and we have @tian.wang, our Designer for Holopix, looking into solutions in future versions of Holopix. We spend a lot of time on each design before it’s implemented into an app version, so unfortunately it didn’t make it into 2.0, but keep your eyes peeled. There’s a new view that will be available in 2.1 which will alleviate most of your concerns, and an updated Theater Mode design will probably come shortly after that.

If you look above, many of the new features in 2.0 are clearly listed. And there are even a few that aren’t listed. The goal for the new Theater Mode design was to split the content in the information bar between the top and the bottom instead of having it all on the bottom so that the center of images is more visible than before when the caption is filled with a lot of text, and the design succeeded at that. Our data shows that most people scroll Holopix in Theater Mode without the information bars visible at all, and so far we’ve only received positive feedback on 2.0. We hope you’ll give it another look, and if not, new versions will be coming soon with even more improvements.