Holopix 1.14.4 Beta

It’s been a while, how’ve you been?

The Holopix Team has been cooking a LOT of great stuff up for you. While it won’t be in this Beta or the accompanying release, it’s laying the groundwork for the future. Stay tuned, keep your eyes peeled, and I’m sure you’re be delighted.

Today’s update has the following:

  • You can now write hashtags in Chinese
  • Tons of performance improvements and optimizations
  • Bug fixes

May and June are going to be game-changing for the platform. So stick around and as always, let us know what you think.


Thanks for this update Nima!

I know you guys are working hard to bring all of these insane ideas to life, so here’s some incentive to include video sharing… :wink:



Thanks for these updates… I’d love to hear more about what the tons of performance optimizations are? Also, which bugs we’re squashed? Thanks.

Report mentions a bunch of fruit flies, 4 medium sized cockroaches, 1 stray flea and some software bugs.

*** No honeybees were harmed in the creation of this software ***

Sorry, just being very happy after spending the entire day with Adobe Support :-1:


Hi @Casey-Green, welcome to the Holopix channel on the Leia Developer Forum!

My name’s Nima, and I’m the Product Manager of Holopix. Because you’re kind enough to ask and join the Developer Forum, I’d like to offer you a level of product transparency that you won’t get from any other company: I’m going to give you our raw Git commit info. This is the exact same information I get from our developers before a release. We will not be making a habit of this, but just to give you a peek behind the curtain, we’re happy to share with you and our community this one time.

  • db7071c7 - Allow digits in hashtags (HOLOPIX-858).
  • 3erfecf2 - (tag: v1.14.3-nightly) Bump version code to 1.14.3
  • e4t9c7f0 - For bold text, don’t render with 4V optimization (HOLOPIX-831).
  • c24150ea - (tag: v1.14.2-nightly) Bump version code to 1.14.2
  • 01er4cd2 - Upgrade photoformat to 3.5.6 (HOLOPIX-841, HOLOPIX-842).
  • a08a51cf - (tag: v1.14.1-nightly) Bump version code to v1.14.1.
  • f7e60987 - Setup AppCenter analytics.
  • 6875580d - (origin/graphql) Fix hashtag parsing with Chinese characters (HOLOPIX-829)
  • de2d88d8 - (tag: v1.14.0-nightly) Bump version code to 1.14.0
  • 454de07d - Add script to remove untranslatable strings.
  • ad5571b2 - Mark more strings as untranslatable.
  • c9284285 - Mark more strings as untranslatable.
  • 894ca92c - Remove unused HockeyApp manifest placeholders.
  • e2b1e3b3 - Unhardcode Spans for terms, privacy, guidelines.
  • 1aa5aef5 - Replace terms of service with terms of use.
  • 14b729ff - Fix gallery unable to load when non-existent image is in the MediaStore.
  • 05249b93 - Remove unused resources.
  • 3drec512 - Add resource remover task.
  • ba6a1044 - Extract hardcoded string resources (HOLOPIX-820)

We hope this satisfies your curiosity as to what we mean when we say “bug fixes and optimizations”. A lot of it comes down to cleaning up the app so it performs better, or setting it up to accept new features in a future release. Yes, it is almost always this boring, which is why we say “bug fixes, stability and optimizations” instead of boring our users with the nitty gritty details.