Unable to update beyond 1.0.30

I got this near new LPD-20W unit from eBay and it is somehow a 256GB model. The apps updated by themselves and are now complaining that I need to update the System. But when I go to Settings > System and Update > System Update, it shows as LUME UI_1.0.30_PPD20_us_001_1103 AND says Your system is up to date
How do I update in this case?
Thanks for any tips/help. I bought this after being impressed with the stereoscopic 3d with the Hydrogen ONE and read this is far superior.

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I am also in the exact same situation.
My lume pad 2’s system version is LUME UI_1.0.39_LPD20_US_001_0205 and updating the system through OTA seems to fail.
I bought it by net auction. By the time it was sent to me, it had already been factory reset and all data had been erased, but after I started using it, I realized that I couldn’t do OTA-update.
I think this tablet was probably used for some kind of product demonstration. Therefore, its bootloader was unlocked and may have been running special applications.
It’s a used item, and I’m aware that the product warranty may be voided if the bootloader is unlocked even once, but is there any way to update this? Or is there a way to completely restore this to its initial state? Many thanks.

You will need to contact Leia support. They were very helpful. The only way to do the update to true factory settings is to pay them to restore. I paid way under retail for mine so I was fine with paying $100+ to ship it to them and get it back within a week. We got sold preproduction units not meant for the public. The seller was quite honest that it was “as-is”.

I have sent an email to Leia Support asking for their help.
Thank you Mx. Stulitre for your kind advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

After that, I received paid support from Leia Support and the problem was resolved.
Their support was so kind and perfect. And I’m grateful.

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