4V Photos from Red Hydrogen One Are Red

I copied 4V photos over to my PC from the Red Hydrogen One but they are literally just solid red photos. Why is that?

Hey @4VUser,

I’ve never heard of this bug before, that sounds like the images were corrupted in transfer. Have you tried other transfer methods? See what happens when you send an image over email.


I was able to copy an image over by email and it is visible but seems to be a standard 2D image.


If you are copying a 4V image to a device other than an RH1 or a Lume Pad, it will display as a 2D image. The extra data for 4V is stored as metadata in the image file and will only be rendered by an app that understands the format. This allows 4V images to be compatible on devices that do not understand the 4V format (albeit as a 2D image.)

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@4VUser I’ll help you over DM, messaging you now!