App Updates 2/12/19

Holochat v1.5.5

  • Improve the feedback screen
  • Review History screen
  • Bugs fixes

RED Player V 1.0.6

  • Leia binary image format


  • when editing a photo and leaving the app, edit was not reset to original image upon return
  • original/2D view was not saved as full resolution
  • other stability improvements

Holopix Version 1.10.12

  • “Newest” Feed added to Home
  • Sharing feature now available for content and profiles
  • bug fixes.

What is this??? :thinking:

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Hey Greg,

Binary Image format is a new way of storing the H4V data. Currently, H4V makes use of XMP metadata which is primarily encoded string based. This is very flexible, but much slower to read and write when compared to dealing with the original binary files encoded natively. Once we have the H4V camera outputting to this format, you should notice that opening, saving and swiping through photos becomes much snappier.


@greg :point_up:t2:


Any idea if these files will be of a better quality than the XMP H4V files?
I rarely if ever use regular H4V and instead opt for H4V Pro and save in Q4V.

BTW, any chance saving to Q4V could be done in 4x 4K views?
I’ve asked for it in the past trough the Feedback app…
But I guess first you have to deal with saving regular H4Vs in something larger than 720p…


I just landed back in Boston and got the update so I came here to ask this question, half-knowing you may have already asked it. Love this community


We have a fix in the latest RED Player as well which will save the left (and 2D) view as original 4K, but the right view is still 720p (even this is plenty for the right view). For archival use, pro mode still makes the most sense. We’ve recently bumped Q4V up to 2560x1440 as well. Something 4Kx4K is another option, but we’re still investigating how to best cater for this without compromising browsing, loading, saving, etc.



BTW, noticed that we can now edit Q4Vs???

Can you have a look at this?
It is a 4x 4K Q4V.

At the bottom left corner it should not have any artefacts.
It is the same as

Thank for sharing this issue Greg.
It seems this was a side effect of integrating the new image format.
We should not be able to edit Q4V. You’ve found a bug that we will fix right away!


Who’s brain can I pick about the lightfield display and the possibilities to push the HYDROGEN implementation?

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Just checked. In the current RED Player v 1.0.6 the exported Q4V is 3840x2160 (4x 1920x1080)
Same goes for Leia Player v 1.0.6 (haven’t got a newer version)


Ah my mistake,
It looks like that task was completed and made the cutoff after all! Great!

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@roger.dass another issue that shows up randomly when editing an H4V Pro (2x1) file.
Screen blacks out while adjusting depth, focus or Bokeh
Here you can see it happen when adjusting Bokeh:

I’ll go ahead and submit it through the feedback app as well.

Oh wow ok…

Just did some investigation and found that it’s a know issue.
This should be resolved in the next release (tentatively next Tuesday).


Meh :confused:
OK, gotta dig harder to find a worthy bug, I guess…

Thanks Roger!

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hehe this was definitely a worthy bug!
I meant it was a known issue to the internal team (and thus they’re already working on it) which means we’ll have a fix in next release.


Got another one!
Following up on this post from H4Vuser:
Just tested with an image exported from RED Player as the new H4V (binary) format.
Colour adjustment edits on Photoshop on my MacBook that are simply saved on top of the original file and re-imported into RED Player, are recognised as H4V and display the colour adjustment properly.

Cropping the original image on Photoshop and re-importing to RED Player, is displayed as a thumbnail with the H4V tag but crashes the app when I try to open

Would you like me to post samples?
Should I submit this through the feedback app as well?

Holopix reads the file but the depth data is (as expected) is retained from the original image and does not match the crop.

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to triple check…
This file is an H4V image and not a pro mode side-by-side, correct?

If you could share a sample, it would be much appreciated!

cc @nic

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