Welcome to LeiaPlayer! Check it out now on LeiaLoft!

Hi everyone,

On behalf of the entire Leia team, I would like to thank you for being a valued member of our community and invite you to check out LeiaPlayer, a redesign of RED Player featuring an intuitive design with enhanced editing features.

Over the last few months, the Leia team has transformed RED Player into a new and improved experience. LeiaPlayer remains a photo management application, enabling you to shape your shots in 4V! Our improved application lets you view, edit and manage your photos and videos in both 2D and 4V, on any Leia-enabled device.

Improved features include:

  • Gallery Design - a redesigned gallery with more space between icons to improve user accessibility and a new time/date stamp allowing you to see when media was added to your device. Additionally, you can easily swipe between your photos and videos in the gallery, streamlining the media viewing experience.
  • Editor - our modernized image editor has organized features into categories and added sliders for control, making editing workflows easier and more intuitive. With a simplified saving workflow, you can now overwrite and save copies of your edits with 2 simple taps.
  • 4V Image Thumbnails - browsing and identifying 2D and 4V media is now easier with image thumbnails that display the depth information of your 4V images and videos.
  • 4V Watermarks - with the updated 4V watermark icons, obscured images are a thing of the past.

To download our new app, please go to the LeiaLoft™ app store and search LeiaPlayer. We thank you so much for your continued support of Leia Inc.’s Lightfield display and applications and we hope you enjoy all that LeiaPlayer has to offer.



Hey John,

sometimes, I prefer this simplified UI, for example for the hundreds of carnival pics I took last week where I just want to quickly make some minor edits before I share them out to folks, but most of the time I can’t have enough buttons, switches, toggles, sliders, and options for precise edits and phone/PC workflow :blush:

I know that providing two different UIs in an app isn’t very popular but want to throw this idea in anyways:

While sticking to the current simplified UI which is beneficial for many users who don’t care where their images are stored and in what format, add a toggle switch in the Settings to enable “Pro Mode” which brings back the most missed features from RED Player and previous Leia Player:

  1. Different icon overlays for the file formats (H4V, 2x1, 2x2, GIF) in the gallery.
  2. Full file name on the picture, or at least add seconds to the date/time to allow uniquely identifying pics that were all taken within one minute.
  3. Show numeric values on sliders, this makes edit settings reproducible.
  4. Save As with file format choice (H4V, 2x1, 2x2, GIF, DepthMap) and folder picker.

In this list I intentionally forgot the much wanted “2D view in the gallery” because I think this isn’t something that should depend on such a Pro Mode vs. Basic Mode setting. And I personally don’t even miss this at all.


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I totally agree with this all, these where exactly the best point of Red Player they removed.
Therefore I find the Leia Player unusable and stay on latest red player.
The most simple thing Leia team can do is to make settings in the Red/Leia Player so people can choose if they whant watermarks for file format, set the gallery view in 2d or 4v, like this everybody is happy as they can set it to their likings.

Why Leia team don’t listen to the users?