Bring back Red Player options instead of removing them and add some

Why Leia is removing good things of Red Player?
Instead of removing leave them and add more options.

Some pointers i hate you guys removed and makes Leia Players unusable for me :

–Removing of 4v format icons in gallery view
To see difference between h4v, h4v pro, h4v quad.
As i mostly use pro what is she version to use on computer with the conversion program to create depth maps separately for facebook etc…

–ability to save as…
Ability to save an edited picture. Made with camera as quad pro or regular h4v, GIF.
Now you have implemented video, nice add, but don’t remove good things.

–sliders when editing to see the value where you set it on.

The crappy icons of Leia Player

The good icon’s like they where good and nice

H4v full? What full? No 2x1 or 2x2 ?

And since Leia Player is unusable for me i only use it for conversion a 2d to h4v and nothing else, as all other good things are removed that where super duper.
You guys add some things, nicely done, bit you forget usability and everyday use for people that use the different formats, to see the differences in gallery view very easy, save as a format that user what’s or needs sbs or quad.
So i side loaded them both leia player as well as Red Player, but it is not normal a user should need to do this to have the best of both , instead the makers use the best in 1 app.
Like this stops me from ever buying a Lumepad if it goes there in the same way, even if the wife also what’s one and she even says Leia removed good things,
So i said buy a tablet from another brand.
So 2 possible Lumepad users that are from the beginning Hydrogen Titanium users with 4 rh1 in the house that will not buy ever a Lumepad if you remove good things, instead of keeping them and ADD new things

Hey @Chillerfpv, you should post this under LeiaPlayer instead of LeiaPix.

That said, I feel like we’ve already heard you give this feedback a few times. I’m sure the team is taking it into account.

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Let’s see what the future updates will bring (don’t have trust in it that they will be brought back)