LeiaPlayer: Looking for beta testers!

Hi everyone!

The LeiaPlayer team is currently sourcing testers for our upcoming beta releases. We treasure our community’s feedback - so we’d love to hear what you think about new features before we release them into production. Help us shape the future of LeiaPlayer together!

If you’re interested in being added to our beta testing list, please DM me your email address.


Duh, already joined!


Happy to have you! Just DM’d you.

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Would be great if you posted this same message on H4Vuser :+1:


Yes, I joined as well!
The new color splash feature you mentioned is really cool!
It would be awesome, if you could add manual correction, because often the thing you want to present isn’t separated enough from the background depth wise.

Hi Ryan,

Great idea! I will definitely get a thread going in there today.

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Hi Alex!

So glad to hear you’re enjoying it. As for your suggestion - I totally agree a manual selection tool makes sense! We will certainly be taking a look to see the best way of implementing that kind of functionality moving forward.


Looks like the current slider expands outwards from the camera. So it’s based on H4V Depth (to speak in terms of the data already available within the Player.

The “easiest” way I could see that happening is if you add a second slider that adjusts the effect based on the H4V Focus point. (so that maybe we could just have colour on the background or somewhere inbetween. ie keep some blurred foliage in the foreground grayscale, have the subject in colour and again the background in grayscale.
Additionally (and possibly fairly easy to implement) maybe add the option to expand or contract the Color Pop circle of influence starting from the centre of the image.

These three controls when working together should be enough to play around and control the end result.


I think the easiest solution would be a simple circle you drag over the image to mark things grey and being able to change the size of the tool for more exact editing.
If can zoom into the picture during that it would be perfect, I think.
And of course all in H4V. :wink:


While that would be easier on the user, I think it would require a different layer for the editor and a whole set of different tools.
Obviously once developed, it would open up the possibilities for other editing tools within the Player.

What I suggested above could be as easy as copy-pasting existing code with minor modifications to the variables that are called and then passing on that info to be parsed by the renderer. I think of it as setting boundaries to an array, but I must point out that I have absolutely ZERO clue as to the code behind the Player app. :man_shrugging:
Maybe both of our suggestions are equally complex to implement.

I should point out that browsing has sped up considerably with the newer version of both RED and Leia Player.
Before I even tried to clear cache, clear data and uninstall updates before I reinstalled form RLL or from the APK.

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Hey everyone!

I just set up a poll to see if everyone received the beta invitation + survey email that was sent out this afternoon. If you didn’t receive it, post in the poll and I’ll DM you.



Hey @john.friday

Looks like these reported issues File Format Not Supported when playing H4V or slow motion videos are tied to the latest releases of RED Player (and Leia Player too). Not only the Beta versions.

Rolled back to a previous release of Leia Player and the videos are playing just fine.

@alex has shared this H4V Video file which is a great example https://www.dropbox.com/s/taxwh03r1pa2l00/VID_20190716_200623_full_2x1.h4v?dl=0
Added it with his permission.

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Hey John,

Following up on this

Looks like the controls for sharing and deleting are grayed out for images located in the SD Card.
H4V images found on the SD Card can be edited, but they cannot be saved in any SD Card location.
This is happening with the 1.6.17 version of RED Player.

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