LeiaPlayer Error Loading H4V Pics ics on H1 Titanium

Almost every H4V image gives me and error code when I try to view them but a hand of the pics don’t give an error and they display normally. Here are screenshots with my phone info and screens of both broken images and working with details turned on.

Hey @wbs101 it seems like you missed this thread when it went out:

LeiaPlayer 3.0 is not supported on RED Hydrogen One.


Just go into app settings and restore the app to factory settings. The version they keep posting here, for some reason, still has bugs that dont let me see pictures directly from my text messages. Only thing youll miss out on is having a 2D to 3D conversion option.

Hey @shikaka,

We haven’t heard anyone else reach out to us about this. Can you provide more details about what you’re experiencing? If you message me or email help@leiainc.com our team can try to help resolve this.

No problem. Well, I sent messages about the problem through the phone, but I don’t think they go anywhere since RED stopped support. But the problem was that I couldn’t view picture or video text messages through text messages. I had to view them through file folders or through the app picture viewer itself. If I were to try to view them through the text messaging app, the screen was just black. I reverted to the default version of the app to ignore the problem.

Hey @shikaka,

Not exactly sure what you mean.

Which messaging app are you using? I remember RED recommending using Verizon Messages+ for Hydrogen (regardless of what your carrier is, it works with AT&T and others too apparently), as it supports .h4v files natively.

Are you receiving MMS messages that you’re then trying to open in LeiaPlayer to see them in 3D? Are they SBS images? How do you try to open them in LeiaPlayer?

I’m using the default text messaging app. If someone sends a text message, and I tap on the picture/video, it launches the LeiaPlayer but with a blank screen.

oh this reminds me a problem that I have on my H1 since longtime, with almost all recent versions of Leiaplayer (I have not installed ver 3 of course): if I have for example an SBS picture on telegram (or whatever chat software) and I click, Android asks which app to use to open it; if I select any app (e.g. Google photo) it works, but if I select Leiaplayer, the latter appears and disappears. Nothing important, but for example when I have sent sbs pictures to another new H1 user, I had to ask him to open leiaplayer, locate the telegram folder and open the picture. Beside (different issue), many things do not work if I access pictures in the SD card (for example sorting by date or by name, does nothing; if I edit and save, Leiaplayer crashes etc). SD card is formatted as removable memory.