Android OS Updates

I’ve had my Lume Pad a few months now and really enjoy it. There’s been a couple of times though that I’ve went to use some Android feature only to find that it was only added to newer versions of Android. What are the plans for future OS updates, is there any timeline or plans for updates to Android 11 and/or 12 and beyond?


I would also like to know the answer to this. I haven’t even received a simple security update. Is Leia ever going to update this tablet for those that believe in it and bought it?


Crickets… Thanks Leia. You have let me know that I might have made a mistake with this tablet as you don’t plan on giving us any updates for Android OS. Cool.

Hey, @Nima , the people in this thread are asking a legitimate question. Does Leia’s license to distribute Android include updates for, say, a couple of years, like most cell phones? I’m sure that a lot of other users would like an answer to this. Thanks.

I think he already replied to the same question in this forum