Will Lume Pad 2 support anything above Android 12?

Just curious if 12 is the only OS that will ever be available or if, let’s say, in a year A14 could be made available skipping A13 because we all know it’s time-consuming?

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We have nothing to announce at this time, but an official upgrade to the OS is not out of the question.

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Hello, just got my new Lume Pad 2 yesterday and I’ve really been enjoying it. I, for one, would like to add my voice to the “Android OS upgrades are valuable and appreciated” chorus. Here’s to hoping!

Now that surprisingly fast already the successor stays around the corner, it would be a nice move to give to all ones who bought the current version in the recent months an update to Android13 to make them feel less outdated :wink:

I really hope they do. I understood why the first lume pad didn’t get much support as it was already a dated, but cool proof of concept device when it came out. The 2 is much more premium feeling (and some paid over a grand for it before the price slash) so at least one more OS update would actually make me more likely to pickup the pad 3 sooner (rather than waiting for a price slash), knowing Leia stand by their products. This is exactly why I waited to grab the Pad 2 for half price - fear of lack of support so therefore limited use (I don’t think the Pad 1 got so much as a single security update… Please correct me if I’m wrong).

It feels odd that my much older Galaxy Tab 7 is on newer software than the Lume Pad 2, although I of course get it’s down to fewer resources. I’d not need the Tab 7 if Leia were more on top of security updates, but until that’s the case it can’t be my daily driver (and I’ve love to be!)

I get it’s not trivial guys, but know that your small but loyal community would massively respect and appreciate one OS update per device you produce and maybe 2 years of security updates… and we understand why that’s as much as we can hope for.

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Here are a few:

I found a few others, but the threads are already archived so even if I share links to them they won’t be visible to users. Every one of these came with security updates.

Then I stand corrected and I’m happy to be so :slight_smile: . I guess I just got mine after the main update cycle (I was a bit late to the party).

I get you’re a smaller team but I do stand my comment of you guys being able to commit to one OS update and X amount of time of security updates per device you release. For me at least, it would move the Lumepad from a fun novelty I pull out to mess around with, to a device I’d use daily. Just my feedback as a fan.

Keep up the good work!

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os updates are a pain, i refuse them until the device forces me. im genuinely curious, why does getting the newest os version matter? updates usually foul up things more than they help. what is in a13 that any1 wants that isnt in a12?