Lume Pad OTA Update Path RECAP for 2020

Hello fellow Lume Pad users!

Since the Lume Pad began shipping in October, we’ve been releasing a few OTA updates as we continue to bring more features online for the Lume Pad. This includes new apps and improvements to existing ones. This quick post is a walkthrough of recent updates and where we are at now as we wrap 2020.

Thanks to everyone here, members of the Leia family.


NOTE: This affects a very small number of users. A handful of units left the factory unlocked and require this update - you will only receive this OTA update if you’ve been impacted.

URGENT: If you are being asked to perform the 1.1.27 update, please back up all your data before proceeding. This is the only update that performs a factory restore.


  • ADDED GMS US certified support for streaming services such as Disney+ and Netflix. For more information if your region is supported, look here.


  • ADDED Immersive wallpaper (with 16 simultaneous views!)
  • UPDATED LeiaLoft to V1.0.437
  • UPDATED LeiaCam to V0.7.2307 (including streamlined UI and grid lines)
  • UPDATED Boot animation
  • UPDATED Shutdown charging animation
  • CHANGED Default display font size

….and wait until you see the updates coming in 2021!


For those of you who want to see the power of the Lume Pad to it’s fullest extent…Immersive Wallpaper is a full 16-views simultaneously.

To activate it, go to Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Wallpapers -> Immersive and select one of the three Immersive Wallpaper options.

Then, lay your Lume Pad on a flat surface and walk around it. Notice you can see the Lightfield effect from every angle! That’s because you’re seeing a full 16-views activated at once!

It’s an absolute technical marvel from our optics and firmware teams, so I want to thank them for making it a reality and I hope you all enjoy it!


Woah! That’s awesome!

I can’t enter to Wallpapers, first time I push the screen return to Settings->Display. Second time a message appear: Wallpapers still not responding

I had the same problem.

It seems that this happens when a third-party home screen app has been installed. If you uninstall the third-party home screen app, you will probably be able to enter the wallpaper setting screen. You can reinstall your favorite home screen app after setting the 16V wallpaper.

However, so far only the default home screen app (Quickstep) seems to be able to render the 16V wallpaper correctly.


I guess the problem is only with Microsoft Launcher. I use Smart Launcher and immersive wallpaper works.
On my Lume is called “Immersive 2d”. Is this correct?

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This issue came up for me too, until I uninstalled all other apps that appeared as wallpaper options, e.g. Fluid, Perfect Viewer, & a 2D->3Dpix app.
Immersive Wallpaper is amazing & a real triumph!

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This doesn’t seem to work on my unit (freshly updated to the latest firmware 1.2.6, with all Google apps uninstalled or disabled).

I get this far: Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Wallpapers, and see the following error message:

Trying to select immersive wallpapers from the launcher doesn’t work either, albeit that could be due to the fact that I’m using Nova instead of the severly limited default launcher.

BTW, were those wallpaper images captured or generated? (Obviously, I cannot tell, since these wallpapers don’t appear to work on my system.) I don’t suppose that either the LumePad or the Hydrogen One is able to capture such 16-view images?

I guess that’s the problem. Is a solution in the works?

Never mind… I uninstalled Nova temporarily and got to see the “miracle” wallpapers. These appear to be 3 synthetic images with a diagonal color gradient. Going back to the horribly limited Quickstep launcher to see these was time wasted.

Never mind, once again… at least, for the time being; that is, until more interesting and/or realistic images become available as immersive wallpapers. Or, we get a guide on how to generate our own.

Ooooh. Now that would be cool, get a chance to see what can be bought to life

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I don’t think will be anything as detailed as a 4V photo… I guess resolution will be 1/16th from the 2560x1600 display (160x100)

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Hi guys – first off Happy New Year !

On the immersive background it actually works at FULL 2560x1600 resolution and provides infinite full parallax. Think of it as a regular 2D full res image with an immersive texture in the back. The 2D image can be anything you want but the immersive pattern has to be a deformation of a grid pattern (the example provided is flat but we will share examples where it rotates or distorts). In the future we will let user choose their full res 2D picture and give them freedom to deform the immersive grid to make their own creations.


Hi David, if all pixels should be used, why are there black pixels along the grid that apparently don’t move with the viewing angle? As an example, here is a cropped part of the new background setting screen and it shows a constant pattern of black dots, both in the background and the text:

Hi Alex think of the immersive image as the combo of a full res 2D image “multiplied” by a special immersive pattern. in this case an array of black squares that creates the immersion.



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