NEW OTA Update: #LUME_UI_1.2.6_LPD10_RoW_user

Hi everyone!

Another quick gift for Lume Pad users: The latest Update.

Here’s what’s new for #LUME_UI_1.2.6_LPD10_RoW_user

  • ADDED Immersive wallpaper
  • UPDATED LeiaLoft to V1.0.437
  • UPDATED LeiaCam to V0.7.2307
  • UPDATED Boot animation
  • UPDATED Shutdown charging animation
  • CHANGED Default display font size

It’ll need a reboot for the update.



Love the new boot animation. A little from LeiaPix from H1. That pink cloud looks great in 3D. Haven’t seen the power up animation yet.

What is LeiaLoft?

Can you confirm the changes to LeiaCam? Grid?

Immersive wallpaper looks great! How did you do that?


Hey Eric ,

Glad you’re liking the new boot animation.

Quick answers for you:

LeiaLoft - that’s our 4V app store. Make sure to check it out!

LeiaCam adds grid, streamlining the UI - and it’s setting the stage for more, later.

Immersive Wallpaper - Awesome, right? Enjoy!


Very carefully…

It’s a design done in collaboration between the Optics Team and the Firmware team, and utilizes the core nanostructure of the Lume Pad’s DLB backlight in tandem with low-level Android OS wizardry.

It’s super complicated! Even I can’t totally wrap my head around it!


In other words, it’s a trade secret. :wink:


You were able to create a hybrid… I assume.

I assume the wallpaper needs to be special so it can use DLB to project in to the background. Android needs to continue to use the ‘normal’ 2D screen at the same time DLB is running. Like rubbing my tummy and patting my head at the same time. The special wallpaper allows Android app icons and widgets to be displayed without interfering with DLB.

Imagine the possibilities! Exploiting lightfield at the same time as maintaining compatibility with everything else. Outstanding!

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It can be applied to other things in the future?

@Kano3D In theory, yes. In practice, there are only very particular things that this specific implementation would be useful for. We’re always trying to do new and cool things though!

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