New Immersive Wallpaper

Have you tried the new Immersive wallpaper option on Lume Pad ?

It is a special way to use the Leia display – where the 2D backlight interacts with the nano DLB™ layer in a very subtle and peculiar way – resulting in a hybrid mode where you get full 2D resolution but with a full parallax 3D background.

The Physics behind it is really cool, feel free to comment on the visuals !


I don’t have that one…

Now you’re teasing us…

@Stuart_Fujitani @Kano3D if you have installed the latest firmware just long press the wallpaper, select “Wallpapers” then “Immersive 2D” option…

I was referring to the example you posted. That immersive wallpaper doesn’t exist on my Lume Pad. Hence, the teasing remark… That wallpaper looks like it would be awesome in immersive 2D.

Ha ! I used it to illustrate the interplay of light with the nanotech :slight_smile:

Where’s the thumbs down button…


In future version we’ll let the user create their own so you’ll be able to unleash your creativity – where is the love now ? :wink:


This is a cool ‘3D’ effect! Reminds me of an old box top I used to have with a laser-engraved pattern