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Is there any way to set a 4V. Sideshow as a screensaver, on the Lume Pad?
(Just something I imagine would be awesome./ The short Version.).

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I started coding a slideshow app for the H1… Then I found out that they don’t yet have a control for displaying 4V images. So for now, my app only displays 2D images.


I started a separate post to get awareness. They have to have some kind of apk or something laying around somewhere. I’ve seen the HTC EVO 3D have something similar to force the screen on.

I also wanted to say that most the scripts for Leia are drag and drop if you’re making the app in unity.

Nope. Using Dart and Flutter.

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Hey there, @nick.tester! Sorry for the delay. I had to do a little digging internally and I did hear back on this. Maybe this will help a bit.

…We are looking to have a separate app for this that the user will be able to lock in kiosk mode using a third party app like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fullykiosk.singleapp&hl=en_US

If / when I hear more, I’ll keep you posted.



Great idea! We actually just started building a slideshow app this week, should be available at launch :slight_smile:

@Stuart_Fujitani I’d be interested to learn more about what you’re looking for in a Flutter SDK. We’ve done a small amount of Flutter prototyping internally; it definitely has exciting potential



It would be nice to have an Image derived class that has the intelligence to display 2D and 4V images. An alternative would be an easy-to-use Java based control that can render 4V images. Although having to use platform channels to communicate with native code kind of sucks.

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