Custom control for displaying H4V images and/or video?

can we have a custom control for displaying H4V images and/or video?

Or at least a C++/Java API of some sort?

We have our own apps that we want to support H4V content in, but also would be great to use our open source programmers to add support to Firefox.

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for your question!
We actually do have an SDK for viewing video and images, but we’ve still got some final ‘buttoning up’ to do before we release it to the masses. We expect to have something early next year.


Looking forward to this!


Excellent news Roger, thanks!


Sounds good :blush:

Is this still in the works? I would love to have some type of widget for displaying H4V images that can easily be incorporated into apps.

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No word? I guess that means this is dead… and so is my project. :sob:

Hey Stuart, sorry for the delay, I think @sanmathi.bharamgouda should be able to provide an update on the SDK Roger mentioned back in December.


Thanks, Matthew! Hopefully this is still in the works.

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Hey Stuart,

Thanks so much for all the interest and support for the Leia tech! Yes - the SDK support for images and videos is in active development and so are a lot of other projects to help creators and partners grow the Leia ecosystem. You will hear from us soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply. I can’t wait for the SDK.

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Nope! Please read my response to this thread and we will soon enable you to pursue your project :raised_hands:

This would be great, I’ve been doing a lot of research on different phones myself, and the HTC EVO 3D had an APK that was created that activated the 3D by turning a 0 to a 1 in the 3d panel settings. And someone who had a ZTE Axon 7 had a switch they can toggle directly from the notification bar.

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A simple APK or app like this is more that sufficient to give users 1000% more capability to their phone.

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After doing more research for my above comment, I posted my way of viewing 2x2 content on the Unity from my desktop in live-view using the Unity script. It may help with some photo editing.

@landon_wood Does your script just turn on the backlight or does it also set depth and other parameters?

So I threw the 2 Scripts together from the leialoft and instead of using the QuadVid for running a video I put it on a material that can run a script to run the desktop. From there I used a game with 4 different screens using ReShade and Depth 3D (Just have a second monitor with the same resolution of the phone for live photo editing) I’m not sure by the backlight option mentioned but it does the 4V display as if it were viewing a photo.

Also you can see a picture of me running my desktop at Scripts work great, even when used for odd things

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