Scripts work great, even when used for odd things

I used the scripts with the combination of a desktop script with QuadVid to have a working display for playing around in games with in 3d on Hydrogen one, I’m sure there has to be a more efficient way as for some reason the QuadVid Shader is very hardware intense even on a powerful PC, or it could just be the way I’m using it.
I would like to know how to use the android SDK to make Xdisplay.apk work in 3D or a screen capture tool to run smoothly in real time.


This could also work as a temporary work around for editing 4V photos in an editor.

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The Leia Unity Remote is limited to ~20 FPS from what I’ve seen. Are you anywhere near that FPS on the Hydrogen?

I’ll be doing some more tests after work. I’m pretty sure I’m at at that 20 FPS limit, though I noticed live view on PNG skips more than JPEG for me though the live quality looks the same to me. It’s pretty awesome that 99% of the work comes from the Scripts they’ve given us. I’m pretty sure there is a few ways I can get the higher FPS working, I’ll just have to do it on something other than Unity possibly.
This works great for editing 4V photo’s though since the picture quality looks great in Unity Remote. I have uploaded the project folder with everything arranged. If anyone wants to try playing with it. This should hopefully work for others. Make sure to add LEIA REMOTE.

NOTE: I have a desktop monitor with the 2560x1440 resolution.


Off work now. Still a very slight discrepancy I notice for viewing 2x2 photos, looking into changing the depth.

Alrighty, so if you plan to try the google drive file also make sure to update the Monitor Board to these numbers. My initial test was for a game and were not set for the border lines correctly for images. image

This is very close to how it looks in LeiaPlayer app or Holopix. If you don’t have a monitor with the same resolution as your phone, I’d google search how to create a virtual display. May also come in handy for just having the image off to the side. There is something about the far background that is not 100% but this is extremely close and very usable. With some more slight adjustments to the Transform above it will be absolutely perfect.

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Lume Pad Testing

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@landon_wood are you running Dolphin or Citra in 4V?!? If so, that’s awesome!!!

Hey Landon,

Thank you for sharing the project. It is a fairly large project that google zips before downloading. Alternatively, is this project accessible via GitHub?

Thanks for sharing!


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