Monitor Display?

Is there possibly a monitor or a device similar to the screen of the Red Hydrogen One, something that is used for testing games or videos?

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No there is not, hydrogen is the only and only product with this screen.
The 8view is something completely different

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Hey @landon_wood, you can use LeiaRemote + Unity Remote to test Unity games on Hydrogen using a USB cable. That will make the game run on Windows but stream to the Hydrogen display in 4V. You can learn more in the Leia Developer Documentation.

There are other Lightfield devices that we’re developing, but for the near future it makes the most sense to develop and test content on Hydrogen.


I got everything just about figured out now. I’m using a few scripts to run my Desktop through the Quadvideo option on unity, but now I’m just trying to get the Unity Remote 5 to work as I’m stuck on the main menu screen of the Unity Remote 5 that has Edit>Project Settings>Editor, just trying to get it to detect my device.


Hmm in

  • Unity 2017.01.05 on Mac,
  • build target Android,
  • with Hydrogen in developer mode and set to use USB for file transfer
  • with a Leia remote component on an object in my scene

my Unity Remote setup just needs to be set to remote view on “Any Android Device”. ~10 seconds after clicking play in editor I’ll get lit 4V content using the Unity SDK.

Here’s what it looks like in my editor


Restarted my PC and it worked no problems, I had installed Android Studio and everything. Just have too read up on a few manuals now.

I started a new page under the Unity tab, I think the way I have everything set up on Unity could help others who are wanting to use the 4V content for applications that don’t support the viewing options yet. Took me a few days after work each day to figure out the layout but having the desktop show using QuadVid is quite useful.

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Yes, a Lume pad… Keep up :slightly_smiling_face: (I am being facetious because Leia hadn’t announced that back in May)

I already own a Lume pad. I did some testing on another post for the RH1 for display purposes. But since the Lume works the same way as the red, I had to be creative in screen connection settings.

I had to enable Debugging for my Lume to get it to work properly and got some of my stuff working, thanks.

Don’t leave us hanging, how did you do it?

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