4-View Remote?

I love the Leia Unity SDK, but in the documentation it mentions that you can use Unity Remote 5 to preview 4-View content on a device. However, I’ve been unable to get that to work.

Is there a possibility of a 4-View Remote app that would allow that kind of functionality?

have the same issue. it displays on the hydrogen but the display doesn’t switch into 4V mode correctly, it just stays in normal mode and displays all layers.

We’re currently working on a solution to this, expect an SDK update early next week.


update ?

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An updated Unity SDK is now available that includes an application (LeiaRemote.apk) that manages 2D 4V switching for Unity Remote 5.

Here are the instructions from the documentation:

  1. Install LeiaRemote.apk
  2. Install Unity Remote 5
  3. Set Unity Editor Game Window resolution to device resolution. The Hydrogen One resolution is 2560x1440 for landscape or 1440x2560 for portrait.
  4. Set the following settings in Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor
  • Device: Any Android Device
  • Compression: PNG Resolution: Normal
  1. Attach LeiaRemote.cs to a gameObject in scene.
  2. Press play and Unity Remote 5 will open automatically.

Wow, you make it so easy!!!
Thanks :slight_smile: