Any kiosk recommendations?

Anyone have any software/setup recommendations for using the Lume Pad 2 as a kiosk stereo image browser?

We’re planning to setup a Lume Pad as a mini display in a museum setting to show 100+yr-old stereographic images to the public. Photoshop worked great for aligning the old stereographs, and they’re looking great on the Lume Pad, but I’m not sure if there would be a good kiosk app to use to let visitors swipe/browse through images (still showing them in stereo), and any setup recommendations to make it difficult to switch out of the display app.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions anyone might have to share! :slight_smile:
Have fun.

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I just set up an 11 image LeiaFrame slide show for an upcoming event. using sequential and 6 second interval.

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