3d scanning


since the Lume pad has 2 cameras, do you think it could be used for 3d scanning?

Hey @smicha84,

I’ve thought about this a lot too. I think it depends on what you mean by 3D scanning.

Most pipelines aren’t optimized for dual stereo cameras though, but I’ve always felt that 3D asset creation in systems like photogrammetry pipelines could improve signficantly if the images were captured in a way that was stereo-aware. Higher accuracy, lower processing time. The trade-off, however, is almost twice as much data to handle!

Other 3D scanning systems like those by Occipital can be used on Lume Pad, for example, the Structure Core. Assets captured by that pipeline can be viewed within LeiaViewer and would look stunning in Lightfield.


Maybe if Leia team have time could develop an exclusive scanning App that takes advantadge over using 2 cameras instead one for 3D scanning.

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