3d scanning with Lume pad 2

Forgive me if this was asked before, but I could only find a topic about 3d scanning with the original Lume Pad and not with the new model.
Can you scan objects to make a 3d model using the new Lume pad 2 ? Or are their specific android apps that might work with the Lume Pad 2 ?

thank you

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I’d also be interested in this. Seems like a cool feature.

The Polycam app works on Lume Pad 2! And you can export what you capture to play back in LeiaViewer.

That said, there’s not very many good 3D scanning apps on Android. I use Scaniverse and Luma on my iPhone instead. But we’d love to see someone make a good 3D scanning app for Lume Pad 2!

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