Backing Up Photos and Videos

I’ve started using the Lume Pad to take photos and videos. I saw a post here from December how an update could wipe out all content.

What is the standard way to back up your photo library? I
I’m new to Android, a life-long iOS user accustomed to Apple Cloud Photo Library being a reliable backup. Is there a simple way to snapshot everything to a google drive, a hard drive, etc.?

Firstly, while there’s always a risk that a firmware update may fail or cause issues, it is a VERY rare scenario that any data will be damaged, and you should expect firmware updates to work fine. Backups are always a good idea though!

Google Photos will work, but you may need to pay extra for your entire library and you will have to ENSURE you have the “Original Quality” option turned on first, or they might delete the Lightfield metadata of Leia Image Format images (it won’t affect SBS or Quad Lightfield images though).

You could always manually upload to Google Drive as well, but again there is a slight risk that they may compress photos in certain cases if not configured properly.

I’ve heard VERY good things about Titanium Backup and for Android.

I personally just offload all my content at regular intervals onto my computer and then push it to offline loose hard drives for long-term backup and storage (and only keep my best content on the Pictures folder of my Lume Pad) but I know that’s a bit of a hassle and most users probably won’t want to do that. So I’d say the easiest way is a properly configured Google Photos.

OK. When I look for the originals, I see they are in the DCIM/Camera folder when I mount the Lume Pad on a Mac using Android File Transfer. Most files there are just .jpg, about 20 MB each. However one is a _lightfield.jpg. I don’t recall changing any camera settings, and always see a 3D shot after taking it (4V). How do I make sure that I’m copying everything to be able to load them back and see in 3D?

I’ve realized that the _lightfield.jpg was a front camera shot in 3D, the other selfies were just 2D. So are the .jpg files in DCIM/Camera complete 4V ones if they show 3D in the viewer? And if I copy them verbatim there’ll be nothing lost?

How do I make sure that I’m copying everything to be able to load them back and see in 3D?

As long as it never goes into any software that compresses it, you’ll be fine. Compressing them yourself in a ZIP is also fine. Just don’t send it over Facebook, Twitter, Google Photos (without properly setting it up first), etc.

Yes! They are Leia Image Format images.

Yes, unless the program it’s sent to compresses them. Transferring to and from computers causes no issues, and usually works between mobile devices too using Android Beam or other similar techniques. Even email works when sent full size!

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