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I find when I post 3D images that they just disappear. Other peopler 's work appears, posted after mine, but not mine .I wonder whether there is some kind of censorship or selection process? I also wonder why, when it is clearly marked as Art that it doesn’t appear in the art section. Is the AI flummoxed?
Alfred Young

Hey @alfredyoung653,

Which app are you talking about, which version of the app are you running, which device are you talking about, which version of the OS are you running, and what do you mean “marked as Art”?

Leiapix on Lume Pad 2.

I looked up “Alfred Young” on LeiaPix, and none of the images I saw were hashtagged with #art.

But FYI, images that cause retinal rivalry, even for artistic effect, are considered uncomfortable by users and will be removed from feeds if someone reports them. They may still be viewable by your Followers and they will always be viewable on your Profile.

The last post of mine shown on Leiapix on Lume Pad is dated Oct 24. I posted several since then, the last three days ago. I’ve posted in total over fifty. If I search my name they are there but I see very few in Leiapix and none in the Art section. How can I remedy this?

I’m sorry I didn’t know that the images had to be comfortable for viewers when I first spoke to you about finding some way to show my art. I wanted to create an app and you said Leiapix was the app. The last couple of images I posted included portraits of the Dalai Lama and David Hockney. I don’t think either presents retinal rivalry yet neither have appeared. I bought Lume Pad 2 for my art. If people don’t see it because it’s not comfortable for some in the viewership it makes my investment questionable and does mean there is censorship. If people don’t like the experience they can scroll on by, can’t they. I did a quick check on what is shown and I found three of my works over the last three months. I don’t really think your rationale is supportable. If I decide I don’t like roses, for instance, will you take them down? I know you guys aren’t particularly interested in art but you might consider the future of 3D, be inclusive and a little adventurish. It will grow beyond games and gardening, pets and vacations.

We’re not planning on showing people 3D that makes their eyes hurt, because that will make them dislike 3D as a whole. That said, again, we only remove things when they don’t align with the rules of the platform (which includes making viewers eyes uncomfortable) AND someone reports the content.

Feel free to create your own app. Our SDK is available for anyone to use.

Appeared where?

Yes, every single US-based online image platform has some level of censorship due to the law. Our rules are actually identical to Instagram’s rules, with the added rule of not hurting users eyes, which we think is very reasonable.

They can. Or they can report images that make them uncomfortable so as to ensure other users don’t have a bad experience. And again, this only affects feeds like Discover and the Home Feed, your content will still be available in your profile. So your Followers and others can go to your account and see your content. But people who don’t follow you shouldn’t have to be subjected to content that hurts their eyes.

Where? You make it very difficult to asses your issues because you aren’t verbose about what the issue is and where it’s occurring.

You don’t have to. The rules are the rules.

No, comfortable pictures of roses don’t break any rules. So even if someone reports them, we will do nothing with their report.

We are very interested in art. Making art more beautiful if one of our missions at Leia. Making 3D art more accessible is the goal of LeiaPix Converter. Sharing beautiful 3D photos, which are a type of art, is the goal of the LeiaPix app.

It will, and we’ll be the ones to grow it to there.

If you’d like help with your issues, please share a link to your LeiaPix Profile (which can be shared from the Settings / Gear icon on your Profile Page) as well as links to the posts that have issues. Without those I don’t know what you’re talking about and can’t help you.

I’m eighty-seven and not too swift with new technology. I was very surprised to find posted work disappearing. With no warning or notice. Is that what is called ‘cancelling’?
I’ve been interested in 3D since 1970 and have been waiting many years for glasses-free 3D, so I’m very disappointed to find that, now that it’s here, there are still barriers to its exploitation. You aren’t really interested in art - art is always something new - you’re interested in money, which is wholly understandable. You appear unaware of the potential for a new kind of art market. Putting Constable in 3D might be of passing interest but don’t confuse it with active art. I include a rather poor pic of a Salvador Dali work, with retinal rivalry. Made approximately sixty years ago. Still unacceptable, it seems.
Given my naivete in tech matters is there any way that I can communicate, and share work, with viewers not familiar with what I do?

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I’m not sure any of your work has “disappeared” or been reported or removed.

Since you won’t follow the instructions I’ve given I’m unable to identify your issue.

My assumption is that this your issue is due to user error and you’re doing something wrong when you’re posting your images.

I post an image. It is seen by others. I get notifications which confirm this. Then, later, I find no trace of it on Leiapix. As I said, only three out of fifty plus seem to have survived. What other information do you need?
I haven’t yet hashtagged the pix because, if you’re going to delete them there is little point. Whether they are in the art section or the general one doesn’t really matter if they are taken down because someone objects to them. I understand that the pix will still be available to my Followers (!) but preaching to the choir isn’t my goal.
Did any of them get reported?

So the images disappear from your profile page?

So this is obviously why they aren’t in the #art section, so I was correct in assuming it’s user error.

We don’t delete posts unless they have nudity. Being removed from feeds doesn’t delete a post.

No. Which is why it seems like your issues are due to user error.

I went to Leiapix profile and saw no way to proceed. You know, this is becoming more and more complicated. For two months things seemed to be fine until the non-appearance of posted work. I didn’t do anything differently. The posts were made and confirmed - Cleo and Maddie and Roger Burley sent many notifications… You guys are the ones who decide to show half-a-dozen views of the same flower (including duplicates) and find no room for other works - which have, maybe, some naysayers. Why I should be jumping through hoops to correct this situation is beyond me. I think I’m just too annoyed right now to do more.

It was explained clearly above. Please re-read the directions.

Then your content was posted and there’s no issue.

Where? Again, when you don’t describe what you’re talking about it’s impossible to know what the issue is.

Ultimately it doesn’t seem like there are any bugs or problems with the app, you just seem confused about how it works.

It works the same way as Instagram. If you go learn about how other similar apps work, you’ll understand how LeiaPix works.

Luckily, you don’t have to do anything. There’s nothing wrong with the app, it’s working perfectly as expected, and as everyone else expects it to. You just need to take some time to learn a little bit more about how social image sharing apps work.

Let this be the end of it. You do not seem to understand what I’m saying. I will just not use Leia Pix.

Okay, hopefully you find something that suits you better.

Importantly, I’m glad we were able to identify that nothing is wrong with LeiaPix, so you can continue using it without issue if you so choose.

You still don’t understand, Nima. But I just cannot go on repeating myself.
I won’t use Leiapix because the images disappear. Whether that’s a machine failure or a person’s we won’t know.

After asking multiple times, you still refuse to answer where they disappear from nor will you link your account and images so I can help you.

Because of that, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong.

Dear @Nima and @alfredyoung653 , I have read your discussion, and maybe have a potential explanation (I apologize in advance for entering the discussion uninvited :slight_smile: and maybe with a wrong explanation). Up to some point Leiapix had a chronological display of images (the “Newest” section), and it is still there in older versions like the one on my Hydrogen one. Nima explained in another thread why this section was removed, which I have found very reasonable (even if I like to have it :slight_smile: ). By this section Alfred was able to track its published images even without any hashtag. Now that such a section has been removed, he thinks that his posts are not available to other people. Actually I see for example his latest post “clockworks” (beautiful!), but there is no hashtag, so I guess that in the new Lumepad people that do not follow Alfred can hardly see it. @alfredyoung653 : just “edit” your posts and add some hashtag e.g. #art and/or #lumepad2 in the description (not in the comments). To this aim, go to your account, select one of your images, click on the three dots on the up right, select “edit” and in the decription add #art. This, I think, will fix the issue.

Thanks, Marco. Though Nima has suggested adding hashtags I thought Why bother if the images will just disappear? His comment about retina rivalry disheartened me because all my images have it and therefore made them eligible to be censored. I had thought until then that if the viewer didn’t like them he/she could just not look at them but Nima told me that that was a reason to drop them. I’ll add a few hashtags and see if the result is good. Initially I wrote to Nima because two new posts - The Dalai Lama and David Hockney - didn’t even make an appearance. As they contained minimal RR it seemed curious.
Thanks for your help, Marco. I’m afraid I just frustrated, not getting a straight answer.

My impression is that actually they didn’t censor any of your post, or at least I have seen many posts by you (even if recently I am not having enough time to use my Lumepad 2), so I guess that Nima information was about a general approach. Actually I see many pictures hard to see that aren’t censored :slight_smile: so I guess that what he mentioned is not a common action but just a possible action, and only after common complains by users.