Welcome Photographers, Stereographers, Lumigraphers, and Holographers!

My name is Nima, and I’m the Product Manager of Holopix. Holopix is an incredible platform that lets you share breathtaking images with a passionate community of enthusiasts and professionals. These aren’t just regular images, or even just 3D images, instead Holopix are immersive images that are like a window into another world, that can capture your mind and heart in a moment and keep you there for ages. Unlike other platforms where you swipe an image and never see it again, Holopix are tiny little worlds that you want to return to again and again. I like to say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, Holopix are worth a million.

I hope we can use this forum to push Holopix forward, together. I look forward to sharing with you, talking to you, listening to you, and learning from you. The Holopix community is unique, and there’s no other group of people like it. We can intentionally commit to make the community into something wonderful, a place where anyone and everyone can come together and share. I can’t wait to see your Holopix.