Can I connect Lume to TV via HDMI?

Does the USB-C support HDMI output? So I can connect the Lume to the TV with an USB-C to HDMI adapter like this or similar

If the answer is yes, will the 4V or the ST content output as SBS?

It works with this USB-C to HDMI adapter

I tried it with an LG 3D TV. 2D content displays correctly. 3D content seems to be displayed with interlacing.

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Thank you, so 3D content is shown in the 4V special interlacing for the Lume screen. Anyway, if the adapters work in 2d I can buy it without fear to lose the money.

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I purchased and 4V/3D content is output as special interlaced format, so I can’t use the 3D content on a 3DTV. On Hydrogen happens the same

For SBS 3D content, you can simply open it in a 2D app and display it on a 3D screen that way.

But yes, there’s no standard format for televisions to accept 4-View signals over HDMI yet.

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