Lume Pad SBS images on 3D Tv

Hi, I’ve noticed one problem with exported SBS images from Leia cam. They are all stretched to the (LG) TV screen width, with wide black stripes above and under in 3D mode. I can’t find any format setting possibility. Where’ s the bug? Leia, TV or my head.?

It seems that your TV doesn’t support full-width SBS content and only supports half-width SBS content. Most 3D devices (like Lume Pad) support displaying both full-width and half-width, but because full-width maintains the full quality, Lume Pad only supports exporting full-width SBS.

You can use a 3rd party program to convert from Full-width SBS to Half-width SBS so it will work on your TV.

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Thanks, I’ll try :wink:

OK, it works fine with SPM. Saved as Half SBS in .mpo

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And just to add to that if you’re exporting to mpo there’s no need to do half SBS before that, as mpo supports full res

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