SBS playing half-width and half-height

I converted a 3D AVI from a Fujifilm 3DW3 to SBS, each original frame being 1280x720.

While the resulting video plays on LumePad (2x1 added to the filename), when viewed horizontally, it only shows the video as half-height/half-width - a 1-3/8 inch black band is shown above/below, and a two inch black band is shown on the left and the right. Essentially, it’s only displayed about 1/4 of full screen. When I rotate the screen to portrait, the video is actually a bit larger, filling the screen horizontally, but because it’s a landscape video, there are large black bands above and below.

I tried two different frame resolutions, but each has the same issue. Current properties of the file shows 2560 x 1440.

Is there a specific resolution/aspect ratio that must be used in creating the SBS, so that the video fills the screen (best as possible)?


Hey @Johngo, you should use native resolution and not stretch or modify the ratio of the video to ensure it looks best on Lume Pad.

If each “eye” of the content is not in 16:10 ratio, you will find that there will be black bars on the top or sides of the content, like how most other devices work when the content played back doesn’t match the screen ratio.

If it’s important to you to have content that fills up the Lume Pad screen, then you should take a 16:10 crop of each eye (for a total ratio of 32:10 for the SBS video) and use that on Lume Pad.

In the future, we may add an auto-zoom feature for videos in LeiaPlayer where if you double tap the screen it will fill the screen, and we may also add an auto-crop / auto-export to 16:10 ratio feature into Lightfield Studio.

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The aspect ratio is currently (approximately) 16:9.

When the LPad is in portrait orientation, it does only have bands above and below:

…but in landscape mode (which matches the video orientation), I have bands both directions:

Inline image

I would understand bars at the top or the sides, but not both.

The aspect ratio of the original video hasn’t been modified - the resolution has only been scaled for smaller or larger frames (to test if it was a resolution issue), but the result was the same.


Hey @Johngo,

I’m assuming black bars are hardcoded into your video.

If your original video is 1280x720 per eye, your final SBS resolution should be 2560x720, not 2560x1440 as is shown in your pictures and mentioned in your comment.

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