the width of my _2x1.mp4 side by side video does not fill the screen. it is a standard sbs video file converted from blu-ray 3d with dvdfab.
can you please tell me what to do.
and when I convert a sbs video with LightfieldStudio, did try many depth multiplier setting but the video don’t pop out of the screen like the original one. how to adjust that?

Hey @Armr58,

Can you tell me a few things about your file?

What’s the exact resolution of the SBS video you’re trying to play?

If you remove the 3D tag, are there black bars visible anywhere? Either between the two images or on the left and the right?

Converting SBS to Quad Lightfield can have a lot of depth, but won’t have as much depth as a high-disparity stereo video due to the way Lightfield content works. The disparity between the 4 images has to be close enough to allow users to experience smooth parallax as they tilt so as not to see a massive “jump” when they go from one stereo view to another.

If you have very high disparity stereo content, using Lightfield Studio for conversion probably isn’t a good idea. I’d recommend simply playing back the content using the ST setting in LeiaPlayer.


I solved the problem, I was tagging the file by renaming it by myself.
I use now the leia player to tag the file using sbs half width. Now it’s full screen no black bars on the sides.
The depth problem is when I try to convert demo sbs with extreme pop out of the screen stereo effect, the light field conversion make it flat no more pop out effects. Did try up to 3 in setting and still no good.
My main problem now is that leia player don’t play video from a flash drive, I am waiting to be fixed in the next update.
Can you tell me how to open video with leia player from my network drive (a share drive on my pc)