Video Resolution Options over USB-C? Can't use as it is!

So I have a problem with video out over USB-C. It outputs the native resolution of the tablet, which is 2560x1600, a 16:10 aspect ratio. My television won’t even accept this output, and my projector does but constantly loses sync and cuts out for a second. Even when it works, the mismatch of aspect ratios to a standard 16:9 display means there are black bars on the sides of the image. Is there any way to have the video output at 1920x1080 or at least output a 16:9 image rather than 16:10 that’s incompatible with many displays? I intended to use this for gaming as well connected to a TV, but I can’t seem to do that, and I don’t want to start trying to root this thing and mess it all up just so I can switch the resolution.

Lume Pad doesn’t have options for changing the device resolution.

You can try video scalers or other adapters to see if they work with your hardware combination.

This is technically possible with a rooted tablet, so I’m not sure why the functionality couldn’t be added into the system. It completely ruins the video output of this thing, and asking me to go spend money on an external solution is really off putting. Suggesting another adapter is also pointless as it’s the output resolution that is incompatible, not the adapter… every adapter would do the same thing.