360 spherical stereoscopic local play

I was wondering, for the Lume pad 2, if you are able to view "Top/bottom, 360 stereoscopic images) on the LeiaPlayer. The top/bottom video works gloriously. Tapping the 3 dots gives a “add VR” tag, but that isnt available for the still images.

Also, what are the settings you recommend creating top/bottom stereoscopic videos? I can’t seem to get it to handle 8k videos, but have had some luck with 5k.

Thanks in advance.

Amazing tablet!

It’s VR180/360 videos only for this release. VR180/360 photos will be added in an upcoming release.

The total resolution the SOC’s hardware decoder can handle out of the box without serious optimization/modification is 8K resolution. 8K resolution is 7680x4320 which is 33,177,600 total pixels. Make sure the resolution of the two views you have added together equal that number of pixels or less, and ensure you don’t exceed either the vertical or horizontal size of 8K resolution for maximum compatibility.