Can we get the EDIT POST option at a lower level please?

I’m a french user and whatever if I write in french or english I often reread myself after posting if all make sense and sometimes I would like to fix a typo or change a word.

I’ve read it require a certain level to be able to edit. What about making it possible at a lower level and see if it will brings trouble first instead of blocking it without even knowing if it will be abused? Maybe a 5 minutes timer? Just saying…




Never mind, I’ve now reached the level to edit so I made the corrections to my first post. Would have been useful to get it earlier but whatever.


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How might one achieve this level necessary for editing their own posts?

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Actually I just realized I also have the “Editor” badge, but can’t find the control to edit posts… :thinking:

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@Rhialto If you see this, would you be able to please briefly explain where the button is to edit ones’ own post? Thank you

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When I expand the “three dots” overflow menu, all I see are share/flag/bookmark/delete buttons, no obvious way to edit…
no_edit_button_when_three_dots_overflow_expanded_Screenshot 2023-12-09 094447

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When I click your name I see your ‘trust level’ as ‘basic’ and not ‘member’.

See this post for levels but levels are editable by admins so I don’t know if every numbers are exact and apply to this Leia forums.

No need, the pen button will show up at the left of the 3 dots when your trust level will be ‘member’.

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Thank you for prompt reply – I’m guessing it may take a couple of days for permissions to propagate, will wait a bit and see if anything changes (has been less than 24 hours since I gained the “Editor” badge)

It has more to do with your interactions here, keep replying, quote a post, do a like on a post, etc. are all actions that will raise your level sooner or later.

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Now I’m thoroughly confused. I have come to realize that when you click on “Badges” in your account it shows all possible badges, with the ones already earned showing a green checkmark in the corner.

My “Editor” badge doesn’t have the green checkmark.

But my account shows “Earned EDITOR” in the history. So evidently that’s incorrect, not sure why that appeared in there…

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History indicates “Editor” badge earned…

…but badge doesn’t have green checkmark…

All those who can edit yet are on this page.