Deregister BacklightEventListener method does not exist?

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In the Android SDK Documentation, there is mention of a method deregisterBacklightEventListener Controlling the Backlight - Developer Docs

however, this method does not resolve on the LeiaDisplayManager class

i’m using 4.5.3 which, according to jfrog manifest appears to be the latest available sdk

and my Lume Pad reports platform version 5.0 for DisplayManager?.platformVersion

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It’d be nice to have this, to avoid bugs when “dead” components get notified about backlight mode changes. I think there’s also memory leaks without it, we’re using a view as the listener and now there’s a reference to that view just hanging around forever.

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Hello @jakedowns @simongellis,

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This question brings up a good point on the Android SDK. It has not been developed on in some time and is effectively deprecated. Our online documentation does not reflect this and implies this project is still maintained.

We will work to update our online documentation and can offer the latest aar here:

We appreciate your exploration into our tools and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.



thanks for the reply :slight_smile: :+1: