Lightfield display

I am completely new to trying to develop anything for android, and I have noticed with the recent update to Redplayer that all image previews show up on the light display 2d and 3d which I noticed that some of my 2d screenshots from games, some of my artwork. show a simulated depth in the image preview, furthermore if I use developer options and make all apps resizable the effect goes to the other app or even my background as well, as long as I make the red player the active app. What I want to make or if somebody is willing and or able to make for me is a an android widget that turns on this effect without running the red player or having it be in the foreground so it’ll probably have to have the permission to draw over other apps. I am completely new to developing and my programming experience is limited to old basic and Perl. How do I begin? Or has anyone already made this and is willing to send it in order for me to experiment with it.

Hi @techguy479!

No need to use any sort of hacks, you can access the Leia Backlight Service through our SDK’s, available on

You will be able to create games and 3D software using Unity and our Unity SDK, or use the Android Native SDK for all sorts of applications.

Please add all your questions here and we’ll try our best to answer them!


I would just like a widget to turn that on and off. I’m trying to figure out how to install the leia dev kit do I need to install the android sdk first?

@techguy479 It’s not useful to turn on the Leia Backlight alone when there isn’t 4V content on the screen. Any app you build using the Leia SDK has the ability to control the backlight within the app.

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I am getting some pretty cool effects from it on my artwork and my galaxy live wallpaper from it and they are not 4v content. I run the tsf shell in order to keep my live wallpaper active as well as use custom icons on my phones desktop. If necessary I’ll learn and make the widget myself. Do I need to upload one of my images for you to view on the phone using my method to see what I am describing

@techguy479 Well it’s awesome you like the effect! Let us know if you have any questions about the Android Native SDK, and make sure to share your progress!