Dicom viewer issue

Hello: I was trying to import CT scans in Dicom Viewer of Lumepad. CT scan (total body) CD has a “dicomdir” in the root and several folder, with no “dcm” file, but infos are in a large set of files with no extension. Hence any attempt to copy the whole structure and trying to access one of the sets of file, did not succeed (“no dcm file”). Even dicomdir is not understood by the Dicom Viewer. So I have downloaded on the PC a free Dicom Viewer, “microDicom”: it reads dicomdir and shows everything; it also features an “export to dicom” and I selected to export to dicom a series (e.g. abdominal scan), either as a unique .dcm, or as a series of .dcm. In both cases Dicomviewer seems unable to open them (in some cases it crashes), while microDicom is able to reopen the so created dcm files. What I make wrong?

I have downloaded the free version of another software, Onis 2.5, able to read correctly the dicomdir; it exports dcm, and this time Lumepad Dicom Viewer is able to see it