External monitor support

Can’t seem to find this in the specs. Can the LP2 work with an external monitor or XR glasses? If it can, then I could watch a 3d movie in my Viture XR glasses and my wife could watch it on the LP2. Sound my be an issue as I don’t know if sound could go to two devices on Android. iOS doesn’t allow this.

Just received my LP2 and can now answer my own question. I could get a 2d image when plugging my Viture XR glasses. The display on the pad stays 3d and the audio goes to the glasses.

With Xreal Light, Xreal Air/2, and Goovis G3 Max over USB-C, I was able to get 2D mirroring working, and even display 3D on the glasses with SBS/Half-Width SBS on the Lume Pad 2. When the LP2 is in 3D mode though, it displayed interlaced to the glasses/headset as expected. It works the same way on my iPhone 15 Pro with these devices (minus the 3D mode part).

If you’re not seeing video display on the glasses then there’s something wrong with the way Viture is handling standard display over USB-C signals. Possibly it can’t handle the 2560x1600 input resolution from Lume Pad 2?

Yes, Viture needs to port their Spacewalker iOS app to Android to be able to view 3d off the LP2. I believe it is in the works.